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The inside of something.
Being within any limits.

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What does interior mean in geometry?

It refers to the inside - as in normal usage of the word.

What is another word for interior design?

Another great word phrase for interior design is "interior consultant".

What comic series starts with the word Evil?

If you mean starts with the word "evil" in the title: Evil Ernie, published by Eternity Comics is one.If you mean starts with the word "evil" in the interior/script: ?

What is the Igbo word for interior?

The English word interior is translated into the Igbo language as "ime."

What is an antonym for the word interior?

Exterior is an antonym for interior.

How do you spell interior?

The word is spelled interior, just as you spelled it.

Is interior a hobby?

If you mean interior design, then yes.

What is a word for the inside of anything?

The word is interior.

What part of speech is the word interior?

it can be used as a noun- the interior of a car

What does the word regular mean for a geometric shape?

It means that the sides are of equal lengths and that the interior angles are of equal sizes

Is the word interior a possessive noun?

No. The word 'interior' is a common noun. To change 'interior' into a possessive noun, it must have an 's added, such as "The interior's paintwork was very tasteful."

What is the spanish word for inside?

Adentro / en el interior / interior / dentro...

What does the Maori word roto mean?

Roto has two meanings. The first is 'lake'. The second is referring to the inside or interior of something.

What does the math term interior mean?

Interior means within, like the interior of a house. If you are doing geometry, the interior of a shape is it's inside.

Opposite word of exterior?


What is the opposite of the word interior?


Another word for interior?

inner, internal

What does interior decorating mean?

Interior decorating means you can makeover your home interior and decor with any kinds of furniture, curtains and blinds.

What does the word volcano mean?

The definition of a volcano is an opening in the earth's surface through which molten rock, ashes, and gasses from the earth's interior escape.

Use the word interior in a sentence?

The interior of the New Subaru Impreza WRX STI looks awesome! My uncle works for the Ministry of Interior in Scotland. I want to be an interior-designer when I grow up.

What does the prefix in- mean?

It can either mean inside (interior) or not(insurmountable).

What does the prefix intra mean?

The prefix intra, which is used to form compound words, means within. It comes from the Latin word intra, which is akin to interior.

What does the prefix pont mean?

inside or interior

What is five letter word for interior design?


How do you work out the um of interior angles?

Do you mean the sum of interior angles? If so then it's: (number of sides -2)*180 = sum of interior angles