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it is a word for hi

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Q: What does the word or phrase Ao Suki mean and what are the Japanese characters for it?
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What does soki mean in Japanese?

i think you mean suki, suki means like

What does 'Suki' mean in Japanese?

Suki means to like. If you would like to emphasize suki you can add the word dai(very much) before suki.

What does Suki neko mean?

In Japanese, suki means beloved and neko means cat. So Sukineko means 'Beloved Cat'.

What is the phrase ' like cheese' when translated from English to Japanese?

チーズが好き (chiizu ga suki) would mean "like cheese" in Japanese.AnswerIf you mean ' similar to chees' , it would be 'cheezu mitaini'.

What does Aloha ma ma suki tu tu mean in English?

Aloha: Hmmm, not familiar with this phrase. : /

What is the phrase 'Little Japan' when translated from English to Japanese?

If you mean 'how would these words sound if I used Japanese characters to write them so that they still sound as similar as possible': Ritturu Jyapaniizu.

What does Japanese phrase keen mo ta mean in English?

This does not appear to be Japanese.

How do you say chocolate pudding in Japanese?

Do you mean how? If so, that would be written as チョコレート, or chokoreeto.

What does the Japanese phrase umechimauzo mean?

To annoy someone.

What you say suji in English?

what does Daiso ga suki desu means in English? - i noticed that this question is answered by another question... suki means like in english Daiso ga suji desu means I like Daiso.. Daiso is a noun, it could be the name of the shop where you could buy alot of cheaper items

How do you say 'both of you' in Japanese?

These characters mean "both of you" in Japanese: 貴方達.

What does ett mean in Japanese?

You mean etto? It's the equivalent of 'um', you can't write Ett with Japanese characters.