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pompous (adjective) refers to the attitude displayed by someone who thinks they are very important. It is a form of vanity, self-aggrandizing pride and arrogance, and is shown by a pretentious and exaggerated display of 'dignity.'

e.g. "Although he is very rich, well-educated, related to the nobility, and lives in a massive mansion, he is not pompous at all."

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What is a sentence for the word pompous?

He was very pompous.

What part of speech is the word pompous?

Pompous is an adjective.

Sentence with the word pompous?

A pompous queen entered the room. (pompous means fat I think)

How do you use the word 'pompous' in a sentence?

You could say: "Jerry is a pompous fool." "Pompous" is an adjective, so it needs to modify a noun.

What is a sentence with the word pompous?

Sue came to school acting all POMPOUS...

What is another word for self-importance?

Pompous or ego. Those words mean self importance.

Give you a sentence using the word pompous?

Pompous is an adjective so it comes before a noun. The actual definition of pompous is as follows - "1. characterized by an ostentatious display of dignity or importance: a pompous minor official. 2. ostentatiously lofty or high-flown" With this is mind, here is an example of using the word "pompous" in a sentence. 1. The man gave us a pompous speech about paying our taxes.

How could you use pompous in a sentence?

She or he does not know what the word Pompous means so she or he will look it up in the dictionary.

Could you give a sentence with pompous in it?

Jenkins, who squandered about the midst of the old tavern, was pompous in his own rights of the word.


It's just possible that the upcoming ball might be the pompous circumstance I was looking for.

What does bombastic mean?

It means pompous, big-headed,

What does highfalutin mean?

"pompous; bombastic; haughty; pretentious"

What does bombast mean?

Pompous or pretentious talk or writting

What does prompous mean?

This is not a word. Perhaps you are thinking of "pompous" meaning full of self-importance and assumed dignity and being conspicuously self-important.

What is a word that means the opposite of modest?

Arrogant, bombastic, pompous, conceited

Sentence using the word Pompous?

That man speaking about how great things are in Texas may think he's important, but he just comes across as a pompous windbag.

What is another word for characterized by an excessive display of dignity or importance?

Pompous, grandiose,

A sentence for pompous?

That pompous fool will pay for insulting me!

What does dovetail mean when used in management?

It means the person you are speaking to is a pompous fool!

Pompous in a sentence?

Edward Tulane was a very pompous rabbit.

How do you use the word pompous in the sentence?

EXAMPLE: "The man's pompous behavior was showing how confident he was of himself; the way he walked, talked, and even stood showed that he thought very highly of himself."

What is another word for ostentatious?

Grandiose, pompous, showy, flashy, vain, boastful, pretentious...

Who invented the word antidisestablishmentarianism?

This word is very pompous and never used, as to who invented it, someone who had too much time on their hands

What does owlism mean?

Owl´ismn.1.Affected wisdom; pompous dullness.

What does the cowboy slang 'rumbumptious' mean?

Cowboys loved a colorful phrase! This is another made-up word. It means boisterous, haughty and pompous, making a great fuss about.