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The word "und" in German means "and" in English.

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Q: What does the word und mean in German?
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What does the German word und mean?


What does und mean in English?

The German word 'und' translates into English as 'and.'

How do you spell the word 'and' in German?

und is and in German

What is the meaning of the word und in a German name?

und = and.

What is and in German?

The word for "and" in German is und. Here are a couple of examples in German. Hans und Franz = Hans and Franz; Essen und Trinken = to eat and to drink.

What does the word mode mean in german?

The German word Mode translates as fashion The English word mode translates as Modus, Zustand, Art, Betriebsart, Weise, Art und Weise

What is the German word for and?

Und(Pronounced unt)

How do you you pronounce such in German?

The German word Such (as in Such- und Rettungsdienst) is pronounced zuːx

What is the German word for 46?

46 is sechs und vierzig in German

What does in German und ehre mean?

and honour

What is the meaning of the German word und?

The German word "und" means "and" in English. It is a conjunction used to connect words or phrases together in a sentence.

How do you pronounce the German word Schutzhund?