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Q: What does the y intercept on a position vs time graph tell us?
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What Is represented by the y-intercept on a position time graph?

Initial position is got by the y-intercept

What is represented by an x-intercept on a position time graph?

In such graphs the x-axis is usually (but not always) the time axis. The x-intercept represents the time(s) at which your position is at the starting point - either for the first time or later.

What one thing does a velocity-time graph not tell you about your object that a position-time graph does?

Distance covered at a given time.

What is position - time graph?

A position-time graph, is one in which position is plotted on the y-axis and the time is on the x-axis. A position-time graph is similar to a distance-time graph, but direction of motion in the y-axis.

What is the position time graph corresponding to this situation?

Why don't you relax and tell me something about the situation.

What is the y-intercept of the velocity time graph?

The velocity of the object at time = 0

How can I tell when two objects have the same velocity on a position graph?

If the position is graphed vs time, then the slope (rate of change of position with respect to time) will be the same (parallel).

What is velocitys position time graph?

The velocity position time graph is rightward. This can change at anytime.

What is the y intercept for a graph of speed vs time?

The starting speed.

What is represented by an x intercept on a velocity time graph?

If time is the x-axis as expected then the x-intercept would be zero movement of the velocity.

Is The slope on a position-time graph is representative of the acceleration of the object?

No. Slope of position/time graph is speed, or magnitude of velocity.Slope of speed/time graph is magnitude of acceleration.

What is the area of a position time graph?

The area of a position-time graph does not have a meaning. However, the area under a velocity-time graph is the displacement. Refer to the related link below for an illustration.