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What does this mean Lamour esl a jamais?

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"Amour" means love. "Jamais" means never. "Esl" is gibberish. I think you meant to type L'amour est à jamais that means: love is forever

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What does plus jamais mean?

"plus jamais" means "never more"

What does jamais vu mean?

jamais vu is spelled 'never seen' in English.

What does lamour mean?

L'amour means love

What does it mean if someone calls you ESL?

Well nothing really ESL stands for English second language

What is toi jamais mean?

you, neverthank you,

What does a jamais brun mean?

never brown

What does bรฉbรฉ jamais mean?

never baby

What does N'oubliez Jamais mean?

Never forget.

What does promesse a jamais mean?

promise has never

What does mais jamais mean?

Well, in French mais means 'but' and jamais means 'never', so logically, it must mean something along the lines of 'well, I never'.

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How tall is Dorothy Lamour?

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How tall is Faith Lamour?

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When was Marguerite Lamour born?

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What is french chez lamour translation?

Chez Lamour means "At Love's"

What does tun se jamais mean in kreyol?

you never know

When was Dorothy Lamour born?

Dorothy Lamour was born on December 10, 1914.

When was Pascal Lamour born?

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When was Uira Lamour born?

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What has the author Lise Lamour written?

Lise Lamour has written: 'Passage du temps'

What does forever and always mean in French?

toujours et à jamais

What does je suis a jamais le votre mean?

I am never yours.

On ne s'aimera plus jamais what does it mean in English?

that is not understandable at all.

What does meillelure petite copine jamais mean?

best girlfriend never