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Gottes Segen macht reich translates as God's blessing makes (you) rich

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Q: What does this mean found on coin cotes segen machet Reich?
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What is gottes segen in German?

'Gottes Segen' is already in German. Gottes Segen means God's blessing

What does the word Segen mean?

"Segen" means "blessing" or "benediction".

When was Adam Segen born?

Adam Segen was born in 1961, in Berkeley, California, USA.

How do you say the word blessing in German?


What does Sich regen bringt Segen mean?

Sich regen bringt Segen is a German proverb and translates as Hard work brings its own reward

Was bedeutet segen Gottes?

"God's blessing(s)" is the translation.

What is 'blessing' in different languages?

Spanish: bendición French: bénédiction German: Segen Italian: benedizione

What has the author Julie M Cox written?

Julie M. Cox has written: 'Tourismus in Bremen-Segen oder Fluch?'

How do you say blessing in German?

A blessing could be called Segen, Segnungor non-religious, idiomatic glückliche Fügung.The verb to bless is segnen.

What are the rules of gottes segen?

"God's Blessing" in German, "Gottes Segen" is a common blessings phrase used in German-speaking countries to wish someone well. There are no specific rules to follow, but it is typically used to offer good wishes, blessings, and positive intentions to someone in various situations such as birthdays, weddings, or farewells. It is a simple way to express good thoughts and positive energy towards others.

What has the author Mayer Austerlitz written?

Mayer Austerlitz has written: 'Des Gedenken gereicht zum Segen' -- subject(s): German Jewish sermons, Jewish sermons, German

What has the author Urs Olbrecht written?

Urs Olbrecht has written: 'Bengalens Fluch und Segen' -- subject(s): Social conditions, Jute industry, Economic conditions, History