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there 2signs when a boy looks at you!

1. He is just looking the surroundings!

2. When he looks at you always it means he/she likes you!

Note: But they are afraid to tell that they like you!

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It depends on what your feelings are around him, and what he feels for you.

It depends what kind of look he gives you......

if a guy looks at you with his eyes popped out it means he likes you!

He may or Amy not have a crush on you...

This guy is gay and if you're not, watch out / This guy is hetero and you'd better check your look

look at him and shake you head no and look at a girl and nod yes

this mean he is going to want sex or want to call you

it means he thinks you look good and he likes what you're wearing :)

what do u mean if you were in a break up and he didn't look back then he doesn't like you anymore sorry

A guy that looks strong and mean.

It meabs your cute and good to look at

Well that depends are you dating if not it could mean he's into you . If not it could just mean he's curious about why your looking at you.

it depends on you. anyway you tell whatever you like such as being smart, handsome..........................................................................................

It is probably his subtle way of telling you that you look nice :)

You have telepathic powers for knowing that he is looking at you!

it means he thinks you just have him herpies

It means he is wondering why you are staring at him!

means there scared to get rejected and look bad.

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