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In Irish it means "lord'.

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Q: What does tiarna mean in Gaelic?
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What is Irish Gaelic for laird?


How do you say the lord is welcome in Gaelic?

Tá fáilte roimh an Tiarna. (Irish)

What does the name Tiarna mean?

Fairy Princess

What is Hugh in Scottish Gaelic?

The name Aodh is considered an equivalent name in Ireland. The Scottish version would be Uisdean.

What are the Gaelic translations for the Bible verse The Lord is your shepherd you shall not want?

Scottish Gaelic:Is e Dia fhèin as buachaill dhomh, cha bhi mi ann an dìth.Irish Gaelic:Is é an Tiarna m'aoire: ní bheidh aon ní de dhíth orm.

How to pronounce ceol na tiarna in English?

"Ceol na Tiarna" doesn't make sense, it should be "Ceol an Tiarna". It pronounced k-yol on teer-na

What is the name on Valentina Novakovic's sister?

tiarna novakovic

Beidh an Tiarna a shabhail duinn go leir?

"Beibh an Tiarna" means "The Lord will be" "a shábháil" means "spare him" "dúinn go léir" means "to / for us all"

What does Rebekah mean in Gaelic?

Rebekah is not a Gaelic name and therefore doesn't mean anything in Gaelic.

What does Kira mean in Gaelic?

It is not a Gaelic word. Gaelic has no K.

Who plays the voice of Tiarna in princes and the frog?

Anika Noni Rose plays Tiarna. To see what else she has been a part of, go here:

Does Valentina Novakovic have a sister?

Yes she does her name is Tiarna Novakovic