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it forms a metal compound called tin oxide

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What compound does tin carbon and oxygen make?

Tin carbonate - SnCO3

Which one does not belong bronze oxygen copper or tin?

Tin or oxygen!

What elements are in tin oxide?

Tin oxide contains tin and oxygen.

Does tin react with oxygen?

Yes. It forms tin oxide (SnO2).

What bond does tin and oxygen form?

polar bond - tin (II) oxide

What are oxygen and tin and argon?

they are elements

Does tin cans will not affect the amount of dissolved oxygen in water?

Tin cans doesn't affect the amount of dissolved oxygen in waters.

What is the ionic formula of tin and oxygen?

Tin exists in two compounds with oxygen. These compounds vary because of the different oxidation states of tin. The first compound is tin(II) oxide (Sn2+O2-). The second compound is tin(IV) oxide (Sn4+O22-).

What is the charge of SnO tin oxygen?


What is the name of a compound made from tin and oxygen?

There are two such tin oxides: Tin (II) oxide with formula SnO and tin (IV) dioxide, with formula SnO2.

What is the formula mass for tin sulfate?

Tin sulfate is made out of the elements tin, sulfur and oxygen. The mass numbers of tin, oxygen and sulfur are 117, 16 and 32 respectively. Therefore the molecular weight of the empirical formula is 215 g/mol.

Why Can't You separate Tin Ore?

You can, but you need heat and charcoal. Tin = Sn Carbon = C Oxygen = O2 SnO2 (tin oxide/tin ore) + C = Sn + CO2 You need to melt the tin ore and charcoal (made of C) together, and the carbon will take the oxygen from the tin oxide, creating carbon dioxide and tin. Voila, have your tin, and your waste compound, carbon dioxide.

Calculate the Mass of Sn in the tin oxide product?

Calculate the mass of Oxygen in the tin oxide

What is a word equation for the reaction of tin with oxygen?

tin oxide. i think maybe im sure not!

What word is spelled out by the chemical symbols for the elements tin oxygen and tungsten?

Snow. Sn is the chemical symbol for tin, O for oxygen and W for tungsten (the scientific names of tin and tungsten are Stannum and Wulfrum respectively)

What does tin make?

Tin makes tin cans, and melted tin could make window glass. Also Tin gas been known since ancient times.

Oxygen tin and argon are examples of what?

They are examples of elements.

What makes tin corrode or weaker?

Oxygen and moisture

What are the uses of tin?

To make tin cans.

Why does damaged tin plated iron get rusted quickly?

Tin (less prone to corrosion) keeps the oxygen in the air from contacting iron, but when the "tin layer" is damaged the oxygen is able to react with the iron and therefore speeds up the rate of corrosion

What is the most abundant element tin the human body?


What word does tin oxygen tungsten spell?


Why did the Romans need tin?

Tin was used to make bronze, which is an alloy of copper and tin.

What elements on the periodic table make the word snowcone?

Sn = Tin O = Oxygen W = Tungsten Co = Cobalt Ne = Neon

What does tin bond with?

Tin can form weakly ionic bonds with several non metals including oxygen, sulfur and chlorine.