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No he does not like to be called the flying tomato.

yes its a different kind of tomato. like the cherry tomato. (plz note im only 10 and my bud is 9.)

Tomato soup is orange or red and tastes like tomato.

I like tomatoes. I grow tomatoes. A tomato is red.

Yes a tomato is a seed just like everyhting else that grows

A tomato is a fruit. So your answer is:a tomato.But if u want a different answer, an red apple is probably the closest to looking like a tomato. Interesting question by the way.

tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable. it is the only fruit that looks like a vegetable.

The most popular pincushion is shaped like a tomato because the shape lends itself well to it's function, the color is easily to spot in a sewing basket, and people like it.

I believe your question is what is the specific function of the tomato cell, and the answer would be that like skin cells, tomato cells provide a boudary that protect the fruit inside. This is the skin of the tomato of course.

Tomato Puree can be used for many things, like Pizza's, spaghetti Bologna.

No. It seems like it is a vegetable, but it is not.

No. Like the tomato its a fruit.

Vampire bats like to suck blood, not tomato juice. Fruit bats, however, prefer tomatoes.

Tomato worms, the most popular are very weird I had a pet one when I grew tomatoes. Google image search " Tomato Worms "

I think it is tomato not tomato !!!

it taste like a peach but a tamotoe.

Tomato plants will grow in most temperate areas. They do not like frosts or excessive heat.

You put in some more ingredents like tomato paste i guess

What is my favorite tomato? Hmm... I like the tiny tomatoes that you can eat whole, but then again I also like the normal sized tomatoes. :D If you're not asking about the size of the tomato, then, I never knew there was other tomatoes. :D

spaghetti noodles with butter - no tomato sauce

I'm an amateur and also I'm not sure why you're asking, but: It's the part near the center of the tomato that the seeds seem to come out of. The tomato placenta is where the seeds get their nutrients from. When you slice a tomato, there's that "chamber" full of slime and seeds, and the inner curved portion of the chamber is the placenta. It tastes just like the other parts of a tomato. Does that answer your question?

Because they feel like it ok. Because they feel like it ok. Because they feel like it ok. Because they feel like it ok. Because they feel like it ok. Because they feel like it ok. Because they feel like it ok. Because they feel like it ok. Because they feel like it ok.

Tomato in Swedish is simply tomat.a tomato - en tomatthe tomato - tomatentomatoes - tomaterthe tomatoes - tomaternaTill exempel, "I like tomatoes" på svenska är "Jag gillar tomater".

Tomato pulp. Technically the solute dissolves whereas in tomato juice there is a tendency for separation of pulp from the juice. So a better answer may be cell contents like salts and sugars from the tomato cell.

A plum tomato is a tomato with the more oval, pointed shape of a plum, rather than the regular round shape. It also generally tends to be sweeter.

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