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i want to know sweetie & sweetheart how's the different?

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Does Miley Cyrus mean?

Nope miley isn't mean. She's a total sweetheart!

What does aloha lani kuuipo mean?

I believe this means hello royal sweetheart. aloha=hello lani can mean royal kuuipo=sweetheart I believe this means hello royal sweetheart. aloha=hello lani can mean royal kuuipo=sweetheart

What does dulce corazon mean?


What does kimosaby mean?

means sweetheart

What does cielito mean in spanish?


What do you mean by sweetheart or cupcake?

Those are nicknames that yo call your Boyfriend or Girlfriend. Like I do, Sweetheart.

What does cariad mean?

In Welsh, 'lover' or 'sweetheart'.

What does kaela mean?

It means Beloved Sweetheart

What does lyubimaya mean?

It's Russian for sweetheart.

What does ma cherie mio mean?

my sweetheart

What does sweetheart mean in french?


What does yeobo mean in Korean?

Honey or Sweetheart

What is lieverd mean in dutch?


What does it mean boy calls a girl sweetheart?

he is being nice Well, my best friend calls me sweetheart and he is gay.

What does shotsy mean in English?

shotsy means sweetheart

What does mein lieb shatz mean?

My darling/sweetheart

What does hola novio mean?

it means, hello sweetheart.

What does Mi Querida mean?

It means "my love" or "my sweetheart":).

What does Appel moi Hanouna mean?

Call me my sweetheart

What does carissima mean in itialian?

It means "dear" or "sweetheart"

How do you use the word 'sweetheart' in a sentence?

I am writing a letter to my sweetheart.She was my childhood sweetheart.Thank you sweetheart for the gift.

What does mo leannan mean?

"mo leannan" means "my sweetheart"

What does sweetheart mean?

It's a term of endearment, like "darling".

What are iron fillings made of?

I think you mean "filings" sweetheart.

What does the name Kailee mean?

Kailee means girlfriend or sweetheart.

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