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Trespassing means if you go somewher etc: into a room, a house of someone elses withought permission

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To trespass is to interfere with someone else's property.

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Q: What does trespass mean?
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What happens when an attempted shoplifters have nothing after emptying pockets and given verbal trespass?

Please reword this question. What do you mean by "given verbal trespass?"

When was For Them That Trespass created?

For Them That Trespass was created in 1949.

What does it mean to trespass?

it means to illegally go on some ones private property

Is this how you spell trespass?

Yes, trespass is the right spelling.Some example sentence is:Do not trespass on my property.Children often liked to trespass on the graveyard for a dare.

How do you use the word trespass in a sentence?

Trespass is a verb which means to enter property without permission. Thus it can be used in the following possible sentences:So many people would trespass on my land until I built a fence.Sometimes walkers have no choice but to trespass to get where they want.It is considered rude to trespass on other people's land.

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The Face of Trespass has 192 pages.

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What does notice of bar mean?

It is a "no trespass" order. It means that you are notified that you are "barred" from trespassing on a particular property.

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The Face of Trespass was created on 1974-03-05.

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