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What does triple interface mean?

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Triple interface just means that it can connect via USB, FireWire 400, and FireWire 800.

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What does "Triple Interface" mean for the Western Digital 2TB My Book Home Edition Triple Interface External Hard Drive (WDH1CS20000N)?

The hard drive can be connected through USB, eSATA or FIREWIRE.

What does SCSI mean?

Small Computer Systems Interface. Small Computer Systems Interface.

How do you create an interface in C language?

The interface concept of Java doesn't exist in C. If you mean something else by interface, be more specific.

In C plus plus Interface is also known as?

I guess you mean Java, there is no interface in C++.

What does a triple rainbow mean?

Triple rainbow means nothing just triple your luck!

What does GUI mean?

Graphical User Interface.

What does the triple 6 mean?

Triple 6 (666) is the number of the Devil.

What does 'revamped interface' mean?

It means that the user interface has been vastly redesigned and hopefully improved.

What does triple mean?


What does HDMI mean?

High Definition Multimedia Interface.

What does imp mean on the computer?

Interface Message Processor

Is 345 a Pythagorean triple?

If you mean 3, 4 and 5 then yes it is a Pythagorean triple

What does computer term MIDI mean?

MIDI is an interface and protocol to connect musical instruments; it stands for musical instrument digital interface.

Which interface is used in apple iMac desktop?

If you mean what OS it is OSx Mountain Lion. OSx is a Unix bases graphical interface.

Types of computer interface?

I have an orbit scanner with Wedge. What does this mean?

What is sli ready mean?

Scalable Link Interface™

What does GUI mean in computer words?

Graphical user interface

What does HDMI connection mean?

High Definition Multimedia Interface

What is small computer serial interface used for?

I am assuming you mean what is SCSI used for? In this case, SCSI does NOT mean "small computer serial interface," instead, it means "Small Computer SYSTEM Interface." SCSI is used as a fast interface between a host adapter and the CPU that can daisy chain as many as 7 or 15 devices on a single bus.

What are the types of network interface card?

Gigabit Ethernet interface Controller interface Serial interface Multilink Group interface MFR (Multilink Frame Relay bundle interface) Dialer interface Loopback interface Tunnel interface ATM interface

Will the Western Digital 2TB My Book Home Edition Triple Interface External Hard Drive (WDH1CS20000N) work with a MAC?

Yes, it will work with a mac.

What does a triple mean in cricket?

3 runs

What does the abbreviation GUI mean in relation to computers?

Graphical User Interface.

Guy from UK texted me Dxi what does that mean?

Data Exchange Interface

What does ACPI mean in computer terms?

Advanced Configuration and Power Interface