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Trop means too much or too many.

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... qu'il est trop ... means ... that he is too much ... in French.

It means 'too beautiful' in French (:

Vraiment trop beau in French means "really too good-looking" in English.

That sentence is not good French. It is possible that someone means to say tu es trop belle, which means "you are too beautiful".

litteraly it's 'trop mauvais' but in general it means 'trop bete' or 'dommage'

Trop mignonne, cette petite! in French means "Too cute, this little girl! in English.

trop mignon, trop joli

In English, it means: it's too hard.

on est trop jeunes = we are too young

"avoir trop dormi" She overslept : Elle a trop dormi

"Trop strict" in the masculine and "Trop stricte" in the feminine are French equivalents of the English phrase "too strict."Specifically, the adverb "trop" means "too." The masculine adjective "strict" and the feminine "stricte" mean "strict." The pronunciation is "troh streekt."

Vous êtes trop aimable, trop gentil/gentille.

"C'est super!" Super is written the same way in French and English, just pronounced differently. It also means slightly different things. In French, 'super' is a substitute for 'cool'. "That's so cool!", can be "C'est trop super!" ("C'est trop cool!")

Il est nul parce qu'il est trop ... means "he/it is worthless/rubbish because he/it is too much ..." in French. Ex: (about a movie) il est nul parce qu'il est trop sentimental (it is rubbish because it is too maudlin)

Zhuh tehm troh is how 'Je t'aime trop', which is French for 'I love you so much', is pronounced.

overcook is translated 'trop cuit' in French.

"You seem very kind" is an English equivalent of the French phrase "Vous semblez trop bons."Specifically, the subject pronoun "vous" means "You all" in the case. The verb "semblez" means "(you all) are seeming, do seem, seem." The adverb "trop" means "too, very." The masculine plural adjective "bons" means "good, kind, nice."SaveThe pronunciation is "voo saw-bleh troh boh."

basically it means: because I love you too much.

to get too old is devenir trop vieux (masc.) / trop vieille (fem.) in French. See link to conjugation of 'devenir'.

Il / elle parle trop means He / she speaks too much.

'but it is too expensive' is 'mais c'est trop cher' in French.

too much = trop If you're going to use the expression "trop" for "too much" in a French sentence, be sure to include the "de" afterwards. For example, to say "I ate too much ice cream " in French, you would say, "J'ai mangé trop de glace."

Vous êtes trop aimable / gentilYou are too kind. (when thanking someone)

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