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well it would be said "tu tambien hablas espanol dulce, yo hablo espanol tambien te amo"
which translates to " you also speak spanish sweetie, i speak spanish too. i love you.

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What does habla espanol mean?

Habla Espanol means speak Spanish.

What does habla espanol grasias mean?

Habla Espanol means one speaks spannish, and Gracias means thankyou.

What does no habla espanol mean?

"He/she/it does not speak Spanish."

What does kein abla espanol mean?

QUIEN HABLA Espanol who speaks Spanish

What does habla poco espanol mean?

"I speak a little Spanish".

What does quien habla espanol mean?

it means "Spanish speaking"

What does si habla espanol mean?

As a question "Si habla Espanol, cierto?" means "You do speak in Spanish, right?". As an answer "Si, habla Espanol" is "Yes, he/she speaks Spanish". As a condition, "...si habla espanol..." would be "...if he/she speaks in Spanish..." (In the first line I put "Cierto" but sometimes people don't use that word and it's still have the same meaning).

What does quien habla en espanol mean?

Quien habla en español? : Who (as in many people) speaks in spanish?

What does te habla espanol mean?

It is the familiar form for: Do you speak spanish?

What does hablo espanol mean in English?

hablo* español= I speak Spanish.do you mean "habla" or "hablar"?

Did you mean que bueno no sabia que usted habla espanol?

If you are asking what "que bueno no sabia que usted habla espanol" means, it's: "how nice I didn't know you speak Spanish"

What doesmi maestra habla espanol mean?

It means "My teacher (female) speaks Spanish.

What does tu habla espanol esta noche mean?

Translation: You're speaking Spanish tonight.

What does No habla Espanol No comprende mean in English?

(S)He doesn't speak Spanish. (S)he doesn't understand.

What does yo habla espanol mean?

"i seem to not speak spanish" it means that in all spanish speaking countries

What does eso palabra es italiani y espanol tambien mean?

It means: this word is italian and spanish too

What does hablamos espanol mean?

"espanol" means "Spanish", and "habla" means "speak", with the first person "I" being understood. When the suffix "amos" is added (the second "a" is dropped), the word becomes plural and means "we". Therefore this phrase means "we speak Spanish". When a business wants the public to know that the firm is bi-lingual (Spanish and English speaking), you will usually see a sign with either "habla espanol" or "se habla espanol", which means "he or she speaks Spanish" (What_does_se_habla_espanol_mean). "Hablamos Espanol" is more grammatically correct for businesses.

What does gusta tu habla espanol mean?

good you speak spanish. tu is informal for you... gusta means to like (something) habla means speak. espanol means spanish. The sentence has those words with that meaning, but the sentence all together makes no sense, i.e. likes your speaks spanish.

What does y quiero cuando usted habla conmigo en espanol mean in English?

literally "and I want when you (formal) speak with me in Spanish" - was this a native speaker?

What does TU habla espanol muy bueno gracias mis amigo mean in spanish?

It means you speak Spanish very well, thank you my friend.

What does quién habla mean?

quien habla: who speaks

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