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They eat bacteria, plankton and detritus.

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What do tube sponges eat?

Tube sponges take in ocean water while they swallow plankton, bacteria, and dead organic material. I am sure they eat more but that's just some foods for tube sponges.

What do brown tube sponges eat?


What type of diet does tube sponges have?

well they eat uh tiny animals that float in the water then they suck in them but the sponges arent consious

How many different colors do tube sponges have do tube sponges have anyfamily members are tube sponges only tube shaped?

tube sponges come in many natural colors such as brown, dull green and yes, yellow. secondly tube sponges reproduce by spliting their selves in half. so i guess their only family is the one sponge.

What organism eats yellow tube sponges?

Many coral reef organisms eat yellow tube sponges like angelfishes, filefishes, cowfishes and spadefish. Also the Hawksbill sea turtle.

To what class do the tube sponges belong?

Tube Sponges are in the Class: Demospongiae, subordinate to the Phylum: Porifera.

Are Tube sponges only tube shaped?

Yes they are.

Are tube sponges symmetrical?


How does a yellow tube sponge eat?

it eats by absorbing nutrients..........mostly all sponges that live underwear eat that way. :D

How many different colors are tube sponges?

Tube sponges can come in yellow, white, purple, brown, lavender, and red.

What are tube sponges?

beautiful creatures, yes they are, four different colors, yes siblings, yes that's why they are named tube sponges

Do tube sponges have brains?

yes, they have 7

What family do Tube Sponges belong to?


What are purple tube sponges enemies?

the toe

What do yellow tube sponges breathe with?


Are Tube Standing sponges small?

not necessarily .

What are purple tube sponges?

a type of sponge that is purple

How many young do tube sponges have at once?


What do green finger sponges eat?

all sponges dont have teeth, so they eat small plankton.

What is the class of purple tube sponges?

•Demospongiae Your Welcome!I had to do a project on this!

What are the enemies to tube sponges?

Some enemies are algae and barnacles.

Will starfish eat sponges?

no they will not

Do jellyfish eat sponges?


What are the examples of sponges?

The brown tube sponge Rope Sponge Antergia Blue Callispongia Orange ball sponge boring sponges

Where do yellow tube sponges live?

i dont think i know ... :P