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What does ty7gn mean on the rush concert shirt?

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(T)hank (Y)ou (7)& (G)ood (N)ight

The 7 on your keyboard and on the shirt also has an ampersand on it. Thank you and goodnight. Often said by Geddy at the end of a concert.

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Why is geddy lee from the band rush wearing a shirt with the word rash on the front of it instead of rush and what does it mean?

In the band's 2010 Time Machine tour, they start the concert with an amusing video claiming to expose the TRUE HISTORY of Rush. In this video, the band started out as an accordion/tuba/drum polka band named Rash. More hi-jinx followed... :-)

Who is fancy in Big Time Rush?

I would say Logan Henderson is fancy in Big Time Rush because he wears all sorts of interesting cholting such as his t-shirt he was wearing at his concert in New York City.

What time is the Big Time Rush concert?

It depends on where the concert is held at.

Is Big Time Rush having a concert?

Watch There Concert This Friday It's Like The Concert.

Where to get Big Time Rush shirt?

on amazon and on the big time rush site.

Will Big Time Rush have a concert?

yes big time rush is going to have a concert soon but you guys are going to wait because big time rush only has a little bit of songs[p.s.big time rush did big time concert on nickeldeon remember and it is going to be on august 20th 2010.

When is Big Time Rush going to have a concert at hickory NC?

check their concert schedules

When is Big Time Rush's next concert?

the next concert for big time rush is in the usa

What was the first concert in the Carrier Dome?

Rush in 1979

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What is Big Time Rush doing on August 9?

Big Time Rush is not having any concert on August 9 but they are having a concert on August 11 in Indianapolis

When is the Big Time Rush concert?

It was August 20th, 2010

Is Justin Bieber coming to The Summer Rush 2010 Concert?


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What is the first song played after the Rush concert ends during the 2007 concert tour?

bytor and the snow dogs

What number shirt did Ian Rush wear for Liverpool?


Who wore the Liverpool number 10 shirt in 1980?

Ian Rush wore the number 10 shirt for Liverpool

How much do the tickets for a Big Time Rush concert cost?

well, i am not sure....... if you look at the next concert check at the prices

Where is Big Time Rush going to have there next concert?

They are going to mississippi.

How do you get backstage passes to a Big Time Rush concert?

Getting lucky

Did Big Time Rush perform a concert last weekend?


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Where do you meet Big Time Rush?

In fishers indiana they had a concert tonight

When is Big Time Rush having a concert in California?

Never ! : D