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It means "you too".

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Q: What does ud tambiene means in spanish?
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Ud in spanish?

Ud. is the abbreviation of Usted that means You (singular) in a formal way.

What is the difference between Ud and Tu in spanish?

Tu means friend(s) and Ud means adult(s).

What is the difference between Ud and esta in spanish?

"Ud." is the abbreviation for "usted", the formal word for "you". "Está" with an accent mark on the "a" means "is", and is used for temporary things, or describing things.

What does Ud. es mean in Spanish?

It is a contraction for "usted es" or "you are".

What does UD mean on jewelry?

UD means Unique Design

How do you say do you have someone that speaks English with you in Spanish?

Translation: Tiene Ud. alguien angloparlante con Ud.?

What means in Spanish sock-sess?

Me parece que Ud. ha oído la palabra "success", que indica "éxito".

Are you blind in Spanish?

Es Ud. ciego = Are you blind?

What is the past tense in spanish of you are?

There are two possibilities: Tú eres; Ud. es Tú está; Ud está

What is the spanish translation for what do you suggest?

¿Qué sugiere Ud. [usted]?

How can i say did you eat in spanish?

¿Comiste tú? or, ¿Comió Ud.?

What does the word Ud mean in English?

Ud. is the abbreviation for Usted. Usted is the formal way of saying 'you' in Spanish. For example, you would use Ud. towards a teacher, principal, policeman, your elders, etc. Tú is the informal way of saying 'you' in Spanish. You would use it towards your friends.