What does un agenda mean?

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I need a bog break

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Q: What does un agenda mean?
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What is weekly agenda in french?

un semainier

Is l'agenda masculin or feminin?

masculine : un agenda

What is 'un agenda' when translated from French to English?

"A (one) datebook" and "a (one) desk diary" are English equivalents of the French phrase un agenda. The pronunciation of the masculine singular phrase will be "eh-na-zheh-da" in French.

What does setting an agenda mean?

To let everyone right in your agenda about your feeling and thoughts. To let everyone right in your agenda about your feeling and thoughts.

UN what does it mean?

I hope you mean 'What do the initials 'UN' mean - United Nations.

What does un tabier mean in English?

un tabier doesn't mean anything, un tablier means un apron

What does the latin word agenda mean?

Things which must be done.

What does absences mean?

"Agenda for change" ...something that I can't grasp

Spanish una agenda what does it mean in English?

It means "a schedule"

Is the UN the best chance for world peace?

Highly unlikely. Member countries have differing powers and each has their own agenda.

What does who mean in the un accomplishment?

It's "un accomplissement" and it does mean an accomplishment or fulfillment

What is the agenda 21?

Agenda 21 is a programme run by the United Nations (UN) related to sustainable development. It is a comprehensive blueprint of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the UN, governments, and major groups in every area in which humans impact on the environment. The number 21 refers to the 21st century. == ==

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