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An organism (a living thing ... plant or animal) that consists of a single cell.

Like an amoeba or a paramecium.

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What are some examples of unicellular orgainisms?

Bacteria is a unicellular organism. Amoeba is a unicellular organism. protozoa is a unicellular organism. viruses are unicellular organisms. diatoms are unicellular organism.

What does it mean if an organism is unicellular?

The organism lives off of one cell

What organism that is unicellular?

identify an organism that is unicellular

Is yeast a unicellular or multicellular organism?

It is a unicellular organism.

What does the term mean single celled?

The term 'unicellular' is used for a single-celled organism. A unicellular organism is one that only has one cell.

What is an unicellular object?

You mean unicellular organism. Opposite of unicellular would be multicellular which we humans are.i.e we are made up of many/multi cells whereas an unicellular organism is made up of only one cell

Is hydra a unicellular organism?

Yes. Hydra is a unicellular organism.

Sponge is it a unicellular organism?

Yes,sponge is an unicellular organism.

How unicellular organism survive?

how unicellular organism survive

Is a gnat a unicellular organism?

no a gnat isn't a unicellular organism.

What does multi cellular and unicellular mean?

the organism which has more than 1 cell is called multicellular and the organism which has only 1 cell is called unicellular .

Is an atom a multicellular organism or a unicellular organism?

is an atom a multicellular organism or a unicellular organism

Would you call Codium a unicellular or a multicellular organism?

a unicellular organism.

What is a example of a multicellular organism and unicellular organism?

unicellular is: amoeba Archaea

An example of unicellular?

A unicellular organism is an organism composed of one cell. For example, all bacteria are unicellular.

Is a chloroplast unicellular?

No, chloroplast is not a unicellular organism because it is not an organism. It is an organelle that can be found in unicellular or multicellular organisms.

What is a unicellular organism?

An unicellular organism is single celled organism. For example- bacteria, archaea, amoeba

What is the control center of a unicellular organism?

The control center of a unicellular organism is the nucleus. It is where the DNA of the organism is contained.

Is archaebacteria a unicellular or multicellular organism?

its unicellular.

Is a codium unicellular or multicellular organism?


Is euglenaa unicellular organism or multicellular?


What organism is unicellular?

One of the unicellular organisms is bacteria.

Is spirogyra a unicellular or multicellular?

spirogyra is a unicellular organism

How is unicellular used in a sentences?

The ameba is a unicellular organism.

Is sponge a unicellular organism or multicellular?

unicellular organisms

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