What does urine smell like if pregnant?


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it smells like normal peoples but much stronger and heavier

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It might if you change the way you eat and drink. Just being pregnant alone does not change the urine in a way you can smell. Pregnancy does make the sense of smell stronger so the pregnant women may feel like it smells stronger (along with everything else).

The closest thing urine would smell like would be vinegar

Not usually, but you are more prone to infection while pregnant so take a specimen of urine and have it tested. You have more vaginal discharge when pregnant but it should not smell so get it checked out.

Its the natural smell of cat's urine

I'm pretty sure your urine should smell like urine. Why are you smelling your urine?

Urine. Ammonia. The smell of urine does not change in early pregnancy. Or late pregnancy.

It's possible for urine to smell like alcohol if a person drinks too much.

It is the urine not the blood. It comes from amino acids being broken down. Could you be pregnant?

Not sure about the gasoline part but if you have diabetes you can smell of acetone on the breath and urine. Check it at the doctors because it's a serious condition when you are pregnant.

It shouldn't if it does get to your doctor IMMEDIATELY so they can test you for infections or STDs hope this helps Good luck and God Bless!! no actually it can smell diffrent i red about a women that found out she was pregnant by the smell of her urine, she never had no symptoms before hoped that helpedd

It smells like urine. Ordinary urine.

Yes, it smells like cat urine.

have herds of deer in yard - no noticeable smell

If you have consumed a lot of asparagus, this can make your urine smell like rubber. It is the way it is broken down by your digestive system.

Brown suger in your diet can cause this smell.

No. Rodent urine smells much sweeter and stronger.

What a strange question... it smells like cat urine, I guess. It's unique.

it depends what you consider a "medicine" smell. there are different reasons for your urine to smell. certain foods such as asparagus can cause a different smell. foul smelling urine can indicated a urinary tract infection. sweet smelling urine can indicate undiagnosed diabetes.

Urine that has a smell similar to rotten eggs or a sulfur smell can indicate a urinary tract. Urinary tract infections are treated with antibiotics.

maybe, urine is toxic that comes out of your body (i) do not think it is or should smell like that type of labratory type of made Chemical.

Why are you smelling dog urine, new hobby or something?

It smells less, but it still smells like urine.

No . Adult felines have a gland used for marking territory when they urinate, making a stronger smell.

When food contains ammonia or sulfur components, the smell will be noticeable. Moreover cigarettes and alcohol changes the urine odor.

amonia smell comes from urine, you might have some urine leaking from a urinary tract infection?? see a dr.

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