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The USS Enterprise ("United States Ship") is the name given to six US Navy vessels - the latest is that of an aircraft carrier which has served since WW2 .

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They become on the USS Enterprise by boarding it.

Kathryn Janeway was not a captain of the USS Enterprise. She was captain of the USS Voyager.Christopher Pike was a former captain of the USS Enterprise.

These are my top 10 favorites(lowest to highest) 10. USS enterprise original 9. USS Defiant 8. USS Appalachia 7. USS Thunderchild 6. enterprise-a 5. enterprise-b 4.enterprise-c 3.enterprise-d 2.enterprise-e 1. the new enterprise from star trek(2009)

The cast of Battle 360 - 2008 includes: James Barnhill as Himself - Photographer - USS Enterprise Sam Dolan as himself Jack Glass as Himself - Rear Seat Gunner - USS Enterprise Richard Harte as Himself - U.S. Marine Officer - USS Enterprise Walter Keil as Himself - US Marine - USS Enterprise Alvin Kernan as Himself - Turret Gunner - USS Enterprise Jack Maroney as Himself - U.S. Marine - USS Enterprise Jack Maroney as Himself - US Marine - USS Enterprise Willard Norberg as Himself - Yeoman - USS Enterprise Ken Peck as Himself - Gunnery Officer - USS Enterprise Alan Pietruszewski as Himself - TOPGUN Graduate Alan Pietruszewski as Ret.

The USS Enterprise A was first featured in the film Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home in 1986. The USS Enterprise A was also used as the main setting for many other Star Trek films. The USS Enterprise A was decommissioned in the film Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701D) is 72 meters in height and the Oasis Queen of the Seas is 65 meters high. Therefore the USS Enterprise is of a greater height.

Enterprise in TNG & VoyagerThe USS Enterprise appeared in all the movies and most of the series'. It is the ship that the characters usually ride in with the huge, circular head and two jets to propel it in the back.There were many ships in Star Trek, Enterprise, Voyager, Defiant... the list goes on...USS DrakeUSS FlemingUSS WambunduUSS RelativityUSS WellsUSS DenverUSS YorkshireUSS YorktownUSS ZodiacUSS CentaurUSS CortézUSS EnterpriseUSS IntrepidUSS MagellanUSS RepublicUSS SarekUSS DanubeUSS GanderUSS GangesUSS MekongUSS OrinocoUSS Rio GrandeUSS RubiconUSS ShenandoahUSS VolgaUSS Yangtzee KiangUSS YukonUSS Thomas CalhounUSS TuscanyUSS RobineaUSS TardisUSS ScarabFlurnoyUSS YellowstoneAeroShuttleCalypsoCousteauDelta FlyerWaveRider

USS means United States Ship CVN stands for aircraft carrier, fixed wing (vice rotating wings as on helicopters) and nuclear powered

The address of the Uss Enterprise is: Po Box 307, Kingston, TN 37763-0307

She is literally one-of-a-kind. In 1958, they planned to make six nuclear-powered carriers and call them the Enterprise class carriers, but they cost too much so they only made the one named USS Enterprise. Nimitz class carriers were built later. Although the Nimitz class carriers are loosely based on the USS Enterprise, the USS Enterprise is not in the Nimitz class and is quite different. So, no. The USS Enterprise is not a Nimitz-Class aircraft carrier.

The most decorated US warship in US Naval history was scrapped in 1959; USS Enterprise (CV-6).

On active duty: USS Kitty Hawk, USS Enterprise, USS Nimitz, USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, USS Carl Vinson, USS Theodore Roosevelt, USS Abraham Lincoln, USS George Washington, USS John C. Stennis, USS Harry S. Truman, and USS Ronald Reagan. Kitty Hawk and Enterprise are no longer in commission. Kitty Hawk was decommissioned in 2009 and Enterprise in 2013. USS George H.W. Bush was commissioned in 2009, giving the USN a total of 10 active carriers.

The USS Entrprise CV-6 was commissioned on May 12, 1938 and the USS Enterprise CVAN-65 was commissioned on Nov. 26, 1961.

This would depend on which Enterprise you are referring to. They're Registry Numbers and relative sizes are as follows: * ISS Enterprise NX-01 (NX Class) 225 meters long * USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (Constitution Class) Pre-Refit 289 meters long, Post Refit 305 meters long * USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A (Constitution Class) 305 meters long * USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B (Excelsior Class Variant) 487 meters long * USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C (Ambassador Class) 526 meters long * USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D (Galaxy Class) 642 Meters long * USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E (Sovereign Class) 685 meters long * USS Enterprise NCC-1701-J (Unspecified Class) Size Unknown

USS Enterprise. She's been mentioned in every film/series. I think the next would be USS Enterprise A.

The USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (the one in The Original Series and the first three movies) is self-destructed by Captain Kirk in the third movie. It is replaced by the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A.

Not rght now, it is on deployment.

Several ships named Enterprise have appeared throughout the Star Trek series and movies. Below is a list of ships and their respective crew capacities:NX-01 Enterprise - 85 crewmembers (83 human, 1 Denobulan, 1 Vulcan)USS Enterprise NCC-1701 - Approximately 430USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A - Unknown, likely identical to the previous shipUSS Enterprise NCC-1701-B - Unknown. Excelsior-class supported 750 full-time crew plus 150 visiting personnel.USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C - Approximately 700USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D - 1014 (this also includes children and possibly civilian spouses)USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E - 800?

Built between 2243 and 2245, Starfleet commissioned the USS Enterprise in 2245.

Only one, the USS Enterprise (CVN-65).

To the Persian Gulf. It will meet up with USS Abraham Lincoln there.

USS Enterprise (CV-6) was one of three sister fleet carriers during WWII: USS Yorktown (sunk at Midway) and USS Hornet (sunk at Santa Cruz Islands); USS Enterprise was the only survivor of her class from WWII, and earned 20 battle stars; fighting in nearly every major sea battle during WWII (discounting British Naval Operations in the Atlantic/Mediterranean Theaters). USS Enterprise (CV-65) was the world's first atomic powered aircraft carrier.

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