What does usuratonkachi mean?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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Clumsy Idiot. actually i think it means sth useless because "usura" means "thin" and "tonkachi" is the "hammer" so a thin hammer is sth useless, isn't it?

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Q: What does usuratonkachi mean?
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How do you say usuratonkachi?

Uu suu rah toN kah chee.

What is the meaning of 'usuratonkachi' in English?

It means something like 'useless idiot'.

Why does naruto call Sasuke bataboyo?

killer bee ya mean rapping(<----...?kikml2) Naruto tends to call sasuke "Teme". It's an extremely rude way to say "you". Naruto never calls sasuke "bataboyo", BUT Naruto does use "Dattebayo" at the end of most of his sentences. Dattebayo has no official meaning and is used by naruto as an emphasis at the end of his sentences. You could say that it's his exclamation point, seeing as he's a very expressive person. Also, just in case you wanted to know, Sasuke does call naruto a variety of names, but the most common ones he uses are "Usuratonkachi", "Baka", and "Dobe". "Usuratonkachi" literally means "thin hammer", so he's pretty much saying that naruto is useless. "Baka" means stupid, and is used very commonly in japan. Being called stupid in japan is a very serious thing to them. Finally "Dobe" is literally translated to "Dead-Last", but can also mean "loser" or "idiot". So, hope that helped you out, if it didn't, I'm very, very sorry.

What is that Japanese nickname-insult Sasuke always calls Naruto?

(previous answer) Bakka?[I think it's "Usuratonkachi". Isn't that the one you're looking for? :D]Umm, no. that isn't what Naruto means. Naruto is actually a ramen topping, and it translates roughly into English to be "Fishpaste".I'm not sure if this helps but sasuke calls naruto dobe which means idiot or deadlast, and naruto calls sasuke teme which petty much means bastard! yay. anyway hope that was usefull! pease out, yo!Usuratonkachi - Sasuke's insult is something more along the lines of "you good-for-nothing .." since usuratonkachi means thin/usura, hammer/tonkachi - a thin hammer is obviously no good for anything you would need a hammer for.A clearer alternative to dobe is probably "dunce-bat" .. I think ..i think dobe translates into 'dead-last' which Sasuke calls Naruto becasue he was always the last in their class at the academy.

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