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What does vade mecum mean?


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Vade mecum means "walk with me" or "go with me."

This phrase is often used for something that you keep with you or carry around as a reference.

"I love my iPhone. It has become my vade mecum for everything!"

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In Latin "vade" means "go" and "mecum" "with me". So the expression "go with me". It is used to name a conjunct of the main or basic books of the same area, e.g. : "LAW VADE MECUM": contains the Constituition, the Civil Code, Penal Code etc.I don't know what is the relation between the expression itself and the meaning it expresses.

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This would be translated "Luck is with me"

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All that is mine, I carry with me.

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it means "with me" in the accusative (as in, sombody talking to sombody else) it means "with me" in the accusative (as in, sombody talking to sombody else)

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There are 2 syllables. In-vade.

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