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Depending on the context:

We are going to give you/him/her another opportunity (attempt / option)

Let's give you/him/her another opportunity (attempt / option)

Are we going to give him/her another opportunity (attempt / option)?

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Q: What does vamos a darle una oportunidad mean?
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What actors and actresses appeared in Una segunda oportunidad - 2005?

The cast of Una segunda oportunidad - 2005 includes: Alberto Casanova Lorena Herrera Mauricio Islas

How do you say give me a chance in spanish?

Dame una oportunidad.

What does vamos al para ver una pelicula mean in English?

We are going to watch a movie

You want to party in Spanish?

quiero ir a una fiesta

How do you say Take a picture of their houses when you have a moment in spanish?

Tome una foto de sus casas cuando usted tiene una oportunidad.

What does Va ser una fiesta que nunca vamos a olvidar mean?

It means: It's going to be a party that we will never forget.

Vamos al cina ideal para ver una pelicula?

Vamos al cine ideal para ver una pelicula translates as "Let's go to the right (ideal) theater to see a movie."

How do you say 'do you think we will date' in Spanish?

¿Crees que saldremos juntos? ¿Crees que vamos a salir juntos? ¿Crees que vamos a tener una cita?

How do you say Take a picture of their house when you have a moment in spanish?

Tome una foto de su casa cuando usted tenga la oportunidad

How do you say check your facebook when you get a chance in spanish?

"Revisa tu Facebook cuando puedas", or more literally: "Revisa tu Facebook cuando tengas una oportunidad".

How do you say we are having a party tomorrow at 1100 in spanish?

vamos a tener una fiesta mañana a las horas 1100.

How do you say let us sing in spanish?

Cantemos / vamos a cantar (como imperativo)