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Q: What does vanessa mean in french?
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How do you say Vanessa in french?

" Vanessa "

Is Vanessa a nice name?

it is a nice name but they may be mean my name is vanessa and i am mean vanessa= butterfly

What cunchry is Vanessa Morgan in?

Do you mean COUNTRY? Do you mean VANESSA? If so, the answer is Canada.

Does vanessa paradis have any siblings?

Yes, Vanessa has a sister, Alysson Paradis, who is a French actress.

What does Vanessa mean in Greece?

Vanessa means: " BUTTERFLY"

What doe vanessa hudgen mean?

Vanessa means butterfly

Does Vanessa Williams play the violin?

Yes, Vanessa Williams plays the Violin, she also plays the French horn and piano

How old is Vanessa Hudgens in french?

because Vanessa is 21 years old. in french she is vingt et un ans. (her age might of change when you look at this.) (i answered this on the 7th march 2010)

Johnny Depp is partner of which french actress and model?

vanessa paradis

What is Johnny Depp's wife called?

Vanessa Paradis, she is a French actress.

Where does Vanessa Paradis the french singer live?

plan- de- la- tour

What is the name Vanessa mean?

that theyre beutiful