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una vida loca = a mad life

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Q: What does vieja loca mean in Spanish?
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What is the Spanish translation for the words crazy lady?

Una loca is a Spanish equivalent of the English phrase "a crazy woman." The feminine singular phrase also translates as "one crazy woman" in English. The pronunciation will be "OO-na LO-ca" in Uruguayan Spanish.

What does vata loca mean in spanish?

Vata= slang for girl. loca=crazy

What does Crazy Life mean in spanish?

La vida loca

What does su loca mean?

"Su loca" in Spanish translates to "her crazy" in English. It is used to describe someone or something that is deemed crazy or wild.

What does que Vieja mean?

what does it mater

What does livin la vita mean in spanish?

The phrase "livin la vita [loca]" does not mean anything in Spanish. It is a Spanglish mangling of the English word "Living" and the Spanish words "la vida [loca]" which means "the [crazy] life".It is from the Ricky Martin song: "Livin' la Vida Loca".

In spanish what does Loca mean?

La loca means crazy and mad(person as well as life). In this case, it would apply to a female or feminine subject - "la vida loca" - the crazy life.

What is the definition of loca?

"Loca" is a Spanish word that translates to "places" in English.

What does mejor no eres como loca mean?

"Mejor no, eres como loca" is Spanish for "Never mind, you're kind of crazy."

What does la vieja resbalosa mean in Spanish?

"La vieja resbalosa" in Spanish translates to "the slippery old lady." It is typically used as a colloquial and humorous way to refer to an older woman who is cunning or tricky.

What language Shakira sing loca?

Loca is sung in Spanish.

What does ver lapelicula viega mean in spanish?

Ver la película vieja - To watch the old movie.