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Prevalence of vitamin A deficiency. Source: WHO

The major cause is diets which include few animal sources of pre-formed vitamin A. Breast milk of a lactating mother with vitamin A deficiency contains little vitamin A, which provides a breast-fed child with too little vitamin A.

In addition to dietary problems, there are other causes of vitamin A deficiency. Iron deficiency can affect vitamin A uptake. Excess alcohol consumption can deplete vitamin A, and a stressed liver may be more susceptible to vitamin A toxicity. People who consume large amounts of alcohol should seek medical advice before taking vitamin A supplements. In general, people should also seek medical advice before taking vitamin A supplements if they have any condition associated with fat malabsorption such as pancreatitis, cystic fibrosis, tropical sprue & biliary obstruction.

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Q: What does vitamin a deficiency course?
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Can you have necrosis on the eye?

yes of course when there is deficiency of vitamin A

Does vitamin B12 deficiency cause anemia?

vitamin B12 deficiency causes vitamin B12 deficiency anemia.

How ca you prevent a vitamin A deficiency?


Lipids vitamin deficiency?

vitamin D deficiency causes lipids

How is vitamin A deficiency treated?

Vitamin A deficiency can be prevented or treated by taking vitamin supplements or by getting injections of the vitamin.

Which are the diseases caused by a vitamin deficiency?

Scurvy: vitamin c deficiency B12 deficiency: megaloblastic anemia

What will induce a vitamin k deficiency?

antibiotics can induce vitamin k deficiency

What are some diseases caused by vitamin deficiency?

The most common are:Beriberi, the deficiency of Vitamin B1 (thiamin);Pellagra, the deficiency of Vitamin B3 (niacin);Pernicious anemia, the deficiency of Vitamin B12 (folate);Scurvy, caused by the deficiency of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid);Rickets, the deficency of Vitamin D (calciferol)

What is Vitamin d deficiency called?

Vitamin D deficiency leads to Rickets in children. Vitamin D deficiency leads to Osteomalacia in case of adults.

What are some signs of a vitamin deficiency?

Signs of vitamin deficiency are unique to the type of vitamin the body is lacking. For example, a Vitamin A deficiency causes dry skin and poor vision, a Vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy, and with Vitamin E, the body struggles to absorb fat.

Names of deficiency diseases?

There are quite a few deficiency diseases. Scurvy is caused by a vitamin C deficiency, Rickets is caused by a vitamin D deficiency, and Paresthesia is the from the lack of vitamin B5.

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What. Vitamin deficiency causes. A craving for chillies

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