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Voice is of course an English word. So it doesn't mean anything in Hebrew. However, if you are trying to say voice in Hebrew it would be the word 'Kol', spelled Kuf, Vav, Lamed (קול)

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voice of God = kol elohim (קול אלוקים)

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Q: What does voice mean in Hebrew?
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What does the name Cole mean in Hebrew?

Cole = קולThis word also means "voice" in Hebrew.

How do you say voice in Hebrew?

Voice in Hebrew is Kol (קול).

What is the Hebrew word for voice?

The Hebrew word for 'voice' is "KOL".

What does the Hebrew word kol mean?

Either "קול" which means "voice" or "כל" which means "all".

What does Kol Ami mean in Hebrew?

It depends on context and on how you spell it in Hebrew: kol ami (קול עמי) = "the voice of my people" kol ami (קול עמי) = "national voice" kol ami (כל עמי) = "all of my people"

Is voice of israel Origin of name colibri Hebrew?

No. Colibri is not a Hebrew name.

What does Luis mean in Hebrew?

Luis doesn't mean anything in Hebrew. Only Hebrew names have meaning in Hebrew.

What does kol ami mean?

"Kol Ami" is a Hebrew phrase that translates to "all my people" or "voice of my people." It is often used as a name for Jewish congregations or communities.

What does Wa mean in Hebrew?

What does WA mean in Hebrew and then what does WA mean in Tahitian

What does Jesus mean in Hebrew?

Yeshu (ישו) is a variation of the Hebrew word for deliverance.

What are the Hebrew words for beautiful voice?

Kol Yafeh (קול יפה)

What does batterton mean in Hebrew?

batterton doesn't mean anything in Hebrew.