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Kol Yafeh (קול יפה)

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Q: What are the Hebrew words for beautiful voice?
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How do you express words for beautiful voice?

another way to say beautiful voice

How do you say voice in Hebrew?

Voice in Hebrew is Kol (קול).

Her voice was as beautiful as a singing bird is it a simile?

'Her voice was as beautiful as a singing bird' is a simile. Similes are comparisons of unlike things that are usually formed with the words as or like.

What is the Hebrew word for voice?

The Hebrew word for 'voice' is "KOL".

Is the voice of Demi Lovato beautiful?

yes her voice is beautiful

Does Carrie Underwood have a beautiful voice?

She most certainly has a BEAUTIFUL voice.

How To Be Beautiful Voice Sing?

The best way to have a beautiful voice to sing with is to practice daily.

What does the name Cole mean in Hebrew?

Cole = קולThis word also means "voice" in Hebrew.

What beautiful thing can you compare to a beautiful face?

A Beautiful Voice!

What is the Hebrew word for wheezy?

There is no Hebrew word for Wheezy. You would have to describe it in other words, such as noshem bekol shorkani (נושם בקול שורקני), which means "breathing with a whistling voice.

Does Shakira have a squeaky voice?

In my opinion, no, she has a beautiful voice!

What does voice mean in Hebrew?

Voice is of course an English word. So it doesn't mean anything in Hebrew. However, if you are trying to say voice in Hebrew it would be the word 'Kol', spelled Kuf, Vav, Lamed (קול)