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Q: What does warlock mean in Latin?
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What is warlock in Latin?

Magus, -i.

What is a warrok?

Warlock is a male witch if that's what you mean.

What is the word in latin for winning?

Fortunatus is lucky man and fortunata is lucky woman

Can you become a warlock?

Warlock is the term for an oath breaker. yep sure you can do that. If you mean a male Witch the term is Witch and yes that is possible too.

What is the highest rank of witch on the sims 2 apartment life?

The witch rankings go as follows: So-And-So the Infallibly Good Witch/Warlock, So-and-So the Good Witch/Warlock, So-and-So the Nice Witch/Warlock, So-and-So the Mean Witch/Warlock, So-and-So the Evil Witch/Warlock, and So-and-So the Atrociously Evil Witch/Warlock. Obviously, the highest rankings would be the Infallibly Good Witch/Warlock and the Atrociously Evil Witch/Warlock, depending on what type of witch/warlock transformed you (although you can always change alignments). :-) There is also a neutral witch/warlock, but I don't know what the title is. Hope that helps! =)

What did warlock mean in old English?

It means Traitor or oath breaker

What is opposite of warlock?

Male = warlock, Female = witch.

What is the female form of the warlock?

In popular culture, a warlock is a male witch.

What is the feminine for warlock?

In popular culture, a warlock is a male witch.

When was The Unwelcome Warlock created?

The Unwelcome Warlock was created in 2011.

When was A Warlock in Whitby created?

A Warlock in Whitby was created in 1995.

When did Warlock - band - end?

Warlock - band - ended in 1988.