What does washo mean?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: What does washo mean?
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What does walker Indian name washo mean?

The Native American people Washo are a Great Basin tribe of Native Americans, living in California and Nevada."Washoe" is derived from the autonym waashiw(wa·šiw) meaning "people from here" in the Washo language (transliterated in older literature as Wa She Shu).

How were the foods of the washo and the mikok different?

the washo food were diffrent from the miwok because they ate deer and antelope and the miwok acorns and deers

What do the washo Indians eat?

they ate deer,antelope

What region did the washo people live?

The Washoe are a Great Basin tribe of Native Americans, living in California and Nevada.

What was walkers Indian name on walker Texas ranger?

Im not sure how to spell it but Uncle Ray calls him Washo

What has the author John A Price written?

John A. Price has written: 'A Gathering of Light' 'Native studies' -- subject(s): Indians of North America 'Washo economy' -- subject(s): Economic anthropology, Economic conditions, Indians of North America, Washo Indians 'Tijuana' 'Cultural divergence related to urban proximity on American Indian reservations'

Who played Uncle Ray on the TV show 'Walker Texas Ranger'?

Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman

What has the author Leonore M Bravo written?

Leonore M. Bravo has written: 'Rabbit skin blanket' -- subject(s): History, Paiute Indians, Social life and customs, Washo Indians

What movie and television projects has Rebecca Washo been in?

Rebecca Washo has: Played Sheila Bellush in "Sekai Gyoten News" in 2000. Played Mother in "Sekai Gyoten News" in 2000. Played Annabel in "Crescent Moon" in 2006. Played M.E. Susana Fletcher in "Lifeless" in 2009. Played B-Movie in "In the Eyes of a Killer" in 2009. Played Meg in "Bad Faith" in 2010. Played Kelly Richards in "The Patient" in 2011. Played M.E. Susana in "Lifeless" in 2013.

What has the author Noble T Murray written?

Noble T. Murray has written: 'The Washoe tribe of the states of Nevada and California vs. the United States of America' -- subject(s): Washo Indians, Land tenure

What actors and actresses appeared in Lifeless - 2013?

The cast of Lifeless - 2013 includes: Michael Anthony Carlisi as Luc Quinne Brown as Janice Jessica Coghill as Mara Joe Lazzaretti as Evan Sol Navarrette as Martin Cole Panther as Det. Mark Taylor Rebecca Washo as M.E. Susana

What has the author Banzan Kumazawa written?

Banzan Kumazawa has written: 'Kumazawa Banzan' -- subject(s): Doctrines, Early works to 1800, Shinto 'Banzan zenshu' -- subject(s): Japanese Philosophy 'Shugu washo' -- subject(s): Philosophy, Japanese, Japanese Philosophy 'Banzan zenshu' -- subject(s): Japanese Philosophy