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What does water in gas look like?

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It will have a milky appearance. If you put it in a clear container and let it sit the water will settle on the bottom.

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What does a solid liquid and gas look like?

gas looks like steam (water vapor) if you ever have your mother cook something on the stove and you see steam that's gas and a solid liquid looks like frozen water or whatever is solid

What does iodine gas look like?

mentin what particles in iodine gas look like

How do you know if I have water in my ATV carburetor?

Drain the carb into a clear glass container and the gas and water will separate the water will look like balls of water.

What does the boundary between a liquid and a gas look like?

pour yourself a glass of (water, oil, gasoline, turpentine, epoxy) and look at it.

What does Jupiter look like inside?

i look like a gas gaint

What does the water pump symbol look like on dash board?

it dependes on your car but in most cars it looks like a gas pump

How does ununoctium look like?

its a gas

What does petroleum look like?

like gas or fuel.

What do the fossil fuels look like?

they look like coal, natural gas and oil.

What do atoms look like in the forms of solid liquid and gas?

they look like something

What makes a gas a gas?

A gas is something that is not a solid or a liquid like water.

Your car stumbles on acceleration how do you fix this?

Sounds like you need a tune up........Or you have water in your gas Sounds like you need a tune up........Or you have water in your gas Sounds like you need a tune up........Or you have water in your gas

What does the water with the milk in it look like?

when you put water inside milk, the milk will look like what it did without water.

What does chlorine look like?

green gas

What does hydrogen look like?

It is a colourless gas.

What does gas look like?

it is a transparent liquit

What does nitrogen look like?

colourless gas

What does Oxygen look like?

Oxygen is a colorless gas and as such is essentially invisible. It does not "look like" anything.

What does particles in iodine gas look like?

they look like small circles which float around

To trun to a gas like water into water vapor.?


What are the three forms of water?

There is solid water, like ice, liquid water, like rain, and gas, like steam.

How do you tell if there is water in your gas?

Start your engine and look at the exhaust. If there is a lot of white smoke coming out, you have water in your gas. You can also place an empty cup in the stream of the exhaust. If water droplets appear in the glass, you have water in your gas.

Is steam water a gas?

Actually, no. Steam isn't a gas. If you want water in the form of gas, that would be water vapor. Steam may look like gas, but it isn't. It is really just tiny droplets of water. Why won't you perform a test? Boil some water for about 5-10 minutes, open the pot, and pay really close attention to what is coming out. You will see tiny drops of water. Hope I helped!

What does helium look like at its normal state?

it looks like gas,

What does Ethane look like?

ethane is a clear gas