What does wearing a pink bandana mean?

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It means that you are part of the TASKFORCE and you PROTECT LIL B AT ALL COSTS

Why does William Beckett wear a bandana?

I have heard two stories. There is the one that states he wears it because one time he tore a hole in the knee of his pants and took his mothers scarf and tied it around his leg to cover it up, and that he thought the idea was cool and unique and stated to do it all the time. Then there is what I b ( Full Answer )

What does wearing a black bandana mean?

it means that ur 74...slo6s ain't Got nun 2 do wit dat all depends were u from in dallas bandanas mean crips= blue and orange north siders=black and white or white and black and sometimes red how high krew= green slo6s blue=Crips red=bloods black=war (a gang BTW) it matters ( Full Answer )

What does a black bandana mean?

it can mean different thigs but if its gang related in in Hampton roads it ususally means your apart of the folk gang

What does wearing a white bandana mean?

Wearing a white bandanna is saying that your not gang related / neutral . It like holding up a white flag at the end of war , you come I'm peace and mean no harm :)

What does an orange bandana mean?

The orange bandana symbolize's a small gang called H3AT on the East Coast of New Jersey. Its name was made up thimking of the police; also known as the "heat". Two of the generals liked the name and replaced the letter "e" with a three(3) to represent the three(3) generals running the gang. The c ( Full Answer )

What does wearing a Bandana on the right side mean?

Wearing a red Bandana on the right side shows your affiliation with a Blood gang set. Wearing a bandana is called flagging, and the meaning depends on the color. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handkerchief_code

What does the white bandana mean?

The white bandana does not represent a specific gang It Could mean peace or just a fashion thing, bandannas could mean alot of things but white and black are generally known as neutral

What does wearing a green bandana mean?

Wearing a green bandanna typically means you are a hustler or aprostitute. This is also a common color for those who are involvedin illegal gangs.

How do you wear a bandana?

There are various styles to wear a bandana. Some people wear it onthe head as a head gear while others wear on round the neck. Thiswill depend on the person's preference.

What does wearing a purple bandana mean?

A person wearing a purple bandana could just be the choice in coloris appealing to the person. Some people associate the color with ameaning. This is a matter of opinion to the culture of the area oran assigned meaning by a group of people.

Why do cowboys wear bandanas?

At one time cowboys used bandannas over their mouths and noses to keep from breathing in dust, or over their neck to keep from getting sun burnt. the style, of wearing it over the lower half of the face was popularized by bandits in western movies and it has since come to be a staple in the typical ( Full Answer )

Purple bandana a means?

If your in Birmingham UK it means your in SHM or you live in Ward End, Alum Rock or Small Heath In Chicago IL its for the "crazy Get down boyz" ,"the latin brothers" "Harrison Gents"

What does a green bandana mean?

it means your a east coast S^ain't .....we stay bangin we stay scrappin we ain't bloods or crips but we stay staccin u wanna get down its green flags all around. Green flag is Saints formed in the New York area.

Meaning of wearing yellow bandana?

There are quite a few possible meanings of wearing a yellowbandana. The most common meaning is to support cancer victims andlive strong.

What does wearing a bandana over mouthnose mean?

Gang members usually do this..either to hide their identity if they are going to commit a certain crime; like robbery or if the are on a camera or t.v showing an illegal weapon.

Gay bandana meaning?

It depends on where you are. In San Francisco in the 1980's, a black bandanna in the right hip pocket indicated masochism; in the left pocket it indicated sadism. Grey in the right pocket signaled a desire to be tied; in the left pocket a desire to tie someone up. White indicated a beginner or someo ( Full Answer )

What does a brown bandana mean?

The brown bandana is associated with La Gran Mafia, which is what all Sureno gangs are under. The brown bandana represents brown pride aka Latino or Hispanic pride.

Which gang wears white bandanas?

Custom house aka crime hood white bandana gang all day every day its neutral,it dont represent a gang, just that somone is in a gang

What gang wears a yellow bandana?

latin kings of Chicago im ot sure about Chicago but most latin kings wear yellow/gold and black at the same time. if you wear one or the other u should be alright.

What does the pink bandana represent?

The pink bandana is usually worn to represent support for breastcancer awareness. Occasionally pink bandanas can represent a gang.

Why does solid snake wear a bandana?

On the previous briefing on the Shadow Moses mission, Snake is told he looks exactly like the enemy's comander, who's code name is actually Snake too. That's why Snake changes his codename to Solid Snake, and in order to not be confused with Liquid Snake, he takes a piece of fabric from his pants an ( Full Answer )

What does wearing a red bandana mean?

red bandana can get you affiliated with a known gang called the Bloods. or a Mexican gang known as Norteños. (not a good idea to wear one.)

What is the pink bandana gang?

The Pink Bandana Gang is a newer gang; however, despite their lackof experience, they are considered to be quite dangerous. It haseven been said that they may be the most dangerous gang yet astheir membership is primarily comprised of Generation Xers, ageneration known for their lack of moral values ( Full Answer )

Is wearing a red bandana a crime?

no . but you can get mistaken for a gang member and get shot. and the cops may file you as a gang member in there system if you go to jail for any other reason but you cannot get arrested just for a bandanna

What gang wears yello bandanas?

the latin king are in to the gold and yellow. thay olso wear crouns on there shirts and dandanas.

What gang wears a black bandana?

Wearing a black bandana means the person is outside the law or an anarchist. It is a symbol used in conjunction with the "No Gods No Masters" slogan. It is often worn by outlaw motorcycle clubs and hardcore punks but it also worn by anyone including members of gangs to represent this same belief. 18 ( Full Answer )

What is the black bandana on wrist mean?

Pirates - gang related, meaning affiliated with different gangs,but not IN any of them. . If a girl is wearing it sometimes it can mean her BF or homie isin prison.

What does it mean to wear a red bandana?

Colors for Bloods. Don't wear it if you didn't earn it. Bloods will jump you for faking, Crips will jump you as an enemy . There is just no good out come if you live in an urban area .

Why do pirates wear bandanas?

I imagine because it has that pirate look, or maybe because it stays on the head at sea!

What gang wears an orange bandana?

Hoover Family Bloods(wear orange & red) 5 Deuce Hoover Gangster Crips(wear orange & blue) *They get the name Hoover due to the fact that both these gangs started on Hoover Street, in Los Angeles California.*

What does a white bandana mean in a dream?

It is not possible to interpret a dream based on one detail. A white bandanna would mean different things to different dreamers in different contexts.

Does it matter what side you wear your bandana on?

With gangs, yes it does matter what side u wear ur bandana on. I'd highly suggest u don't wear any color bandana unless u belong to that gang. Because gang members look at it as a sign of disrespect when someone who isn't affiliated with their gang or a gang in general wears a bandana. Blood Allia ( Full Answer )

What gang wears red bandanas?

There are a few gangs that wear the red bandana. Bloods(wear red)-Bloods gang is a gang under the Blood Alliance NOT People Nation. Brims(wear red)-the Brims are a Blood affiliated gang, under the Blood Alliance. Pirus(wear burgandy, which is a darker shade of red)-the Pirus are a Blood Affilia ( Full Answer )

What side do nortenos wear there bandanas on?

Nortenos are no longer under Nuestra Familia they went defunct. Nortenos are under the Blood Alliance along with gangs such as:Blood Gang, Pirus, Brims and so on. They flag a red bandana to the right.

Do gay guys wear bandanas?

Some do and some don't just as some heterosexuals do or don't. It depends on the style the person wants to present and where he is going. I carry one with me everywhere just in case I might need it.

Why does stoney larue wear a bandana?

I use to think it was because he had a high forehead Lol and he kind of does. But I think It just has to do with his whole persona and style. He's kinda that country/rocker type of guy. There are however some pictures of him without it on. Bandana or not, he's still got my heart!

What does a burning red bandana mean?

it means that anybody affiliated with the color red wil beterminated imediatly by any one affiliated with the color blueushually crip gang or sureno gang and those with red bloods andnortenos

What does wearing a red bandana on the left mean?

the color of bandanna's and the position tells your "alignment". A red bandanna (depending on where you are) may mean you are a part of the something something gang or any gang that uses that color and position as a symbol. You may want to be careful because you don't know if they are wearing it for ( Full Answer )