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In a legal term, without merit means without proof, backing, substantiated support. If someone suesÊanother person, and evidence is lacking to prove theÊclaim, the case is dismissed.Ê

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What does dismissal without leave mean?

Dismissal without leave mean is a legal term which mean that the suit has been completely dismissed. There is not option to refile the complaint or amend it.

Legal term meaning without legal force?


What does the legal term acting pro se mean?

Pro Se means you will be representing yourself in your legal proceeding, without the aid of an attorney.

What does the legal term clergymen mean?

Clergymen are men of the clergy, as in church men, and it's not a legal term.

What does the legal term remain on foot mean?

it means it is legal to have a foot

What is a merit brief?

A "brief" is a paper filed with the court for the court's use (usually in a case under consideration). Accordingly - the following of definition of legal "merit" will be self-explanatory. "Merit is a term subject to various meanings, but in the legal context, merit refers to a claim which has a valid basis, setting forth sufficient facts from which the court could find a valid claim of deprivation of a legal right. Meritorious claims usually cite legal authorities, such as statutory laws or case law, to support their arguments. However, merit is a subjective term that takes various factors into account on a case-by-case basis. For example, a pro se defendant seeking post-conviction relief is often be expected to construct legal arguments, cite legal authority, or draft her petition as artfully as a lawyer would. If the evidence defeats the claim, the claim is "meritless."

What does the legal term herein mean?

in this section only

What does praecipe to withdraw mean?

Praecipe is a legal term for an order.

What does the legal term regular on its face mean?

At first glance

What does the word indentify mean?

legal term-protects you in a contract.

What does osc legal term mean?

Order to Show Cause

What does the legal term grandfather clause mean?

I honestly have no idea

What does legal term FOAH mean?

Findings and Order After Hearing acr()

What does the legal term tnho mean?

It means "Tenant Holding Over."

What is the legal term for hiding a criminal?

The term of hiding a criminal is collusion, mean you share him part of his crime .

What does the Latin term 'res judicata' mean in english?

The doctrine of 'res judicata' is a legal term that within its representation simply means 'without prejudice'. Although, this is a basic meaning and should be applied liberally.

What does the legal term de minimus mean?

A Latin term that means of no significance or not worthy of consideration. In legal terms, the consequences of an act in violation of a legal requirement may be considered so small that they don't justify pursuing legal action.

What does the term anaerobic mean?

It means "without oxygen."

What does commingling mean?

i know it mean to mix things,together. However,in my legal field,in the context of an actual "Breach"of such, i.e. fiduciary,again in the legal term.

What does fiducia mean in English?

Fiducia is a legal term that means trust or confidence.

Explain the term merit goods?

A merit good or service is that in which the government, state or society deems good for people.~MB

What does the legal term interest as damages mean?

it means that if somebody damaged you, you can enjoy the legal all life.replica Swiss watches

What does legal term argn mean?

This looks like either an abbreviation or a mis-spelling. No such word exists in legal jargon.

What does the term parthenogensis mean?

The development of an embryo without fertilisation.

What is the legal term for agreeing to make a gesture of goodwill without admission of guilt?

if you're in the UK it is 'Without Prejudice', not sure if it is the same in the USA :)

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