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Q: What does wo hen xi huan ni omoshiroi hito desu ne mean In Chinese?
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From where comes the name Huan?

Huan comes from the Chinese origin, which means "happy" or "joyous". In Chinese folk, Huan is a woman who is sensitive, emotional, charming and very eager to please. Huan, is also a very popular Japanese name.

What does huan ying mean in Chinese?


Name the Chinese pilgrims who came to India?

fa-hien,huan sung

What is 'Welcome' when translated from English to Chinese?

Huan ying pronounced Hwan Yeeng

What does 'wo xi huan chi ji dan' mean in Chinese?

'Wo xi huan chi ji dan' means 'I like to eat eggs.' The breakdown and the Chinese characters are as follows: Wo = 我 = I or me Xi huan = 喜欢 = like Chi = 吃 = eat Ji = 鸡 = Chicken Dan = 蛋 = egg

Beijing Huan Ying Ni is how to say welcome to Beijing in Chinese?

Yes it is 北京欢迎你 Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni

What does the Chinese symbol on The Karate Kid mean that mr huan drew on the train?


What is hello welcome to china in Chinese?

ni hao, bei jing huan ying ni

Wo hen xi huan zhong wen?

Translation: I really like Chinese language?

What is is 'welcome to Beijing' in Chinese?

北京欢迎你! poronounce as "Beijing huan In Lee"

What has the author Bingxin Zhou written?

Bingxin Zhou has written: 'Zong yu kuang huan' -- subject(s): Authors, Chinese, Chinese Authors, Chinese literature, History and criticism

What actors and actresses appeared in Huan Huan - 2012?

The cast of Huan Huan - 2012 includes: Liu Xiang Tian Yuefang as Huan Huan Baoshan Zhang