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What does word shape mean?

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it is the way some thing is what way like a square .circle

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What does the word prism mean in maths?

its a shape

What is cellender?

there is no such word as 'CELLENDER' but if you mean cylinder then it is a circular 3D shape oblonged. there is no such word as 'CELLENDER' but if you mean cylinder then it is a circular 3D shape oblonged.

What does the word transform mean?

Change in form or shape.

What does insert a shape mean on a computer?

It depends. On word it would mean to draw a shape but on games i reckon its a level on the game

What does the Latin word form mean?

The Latin word form means: to shape or form!

What does the root word morph mean?

It means to change in shape.

What does the word polygon mean?

It means a shape of many sides.

What does the word quadrangle mean in math?

a shape with 4 sides

What does the word anthromorphic mean?

It means in the shape of a human being.

What does the scientific word buoyancy mean?

This word means like when something has a shape and sinks or floats.

What does font mean?

The size of shape of your letters and numbers, usually on "Word".

What is the original word of sub?

If you mean the sandwich, it is short for submarine, referring to the shape.

What is a dectigon?

Did you mean decagon? You misspelled the word. A decagon is a shape with 10 sides

What does the word liquid mean in science?

A substance which has no fixed shape, but takes on the shape of its container, and has a fixed volume at a fixed temperature. It is not compressible.

What does the word cookies mean?

A cookie is a flat sweet cake that is usually round in shape.

What does morphic mean?

It means having a specific or specified shape or form such as the word geomorphic.

What does the word perimiter mean in math?

Perimeter is the distance around a two-dimensional shape.

What does Allah mean to Arabians?

Allha is almighty, a shape less,power which governs word .

What does the root word penta mean?

The root word penta means five. This is commonly found in the shape called a pentagon.

What is a compound word that starts with shape?

A compound word that starts with shape could be shape up.

Is shape a two syllable word?

No, the word shape has one syllable.

How do you divide the word shape in syllables?

Shape is a one syllable word.

What does the name 'Orchid' mean?

The word orchid 'stems from' (!) the Lithuanian word meaning 'Stallion', due to the shape of its' root.

Words that starts with the prefix nona?

NONAgon a mathematical word it mean a nine sided shape

What does the word dodecahedron mean?

Dodecahedrons are a shape with 12 faces, 30 edges and 20 vertices.

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