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a worm is a little snake like animal that digs into the ground and eats dirt

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What does computer worm mean?

A computer worm or a worm virus is something that goes into your computer and destroys yourfiles.

What is a computer worm and what can it do to your computer?

Worm is a computer virus that replicates from one computer to another over a network. It does all the nonsense work as that of a computer virus.

Why is a worm on a computer dangerous?

It can infect a computer.

What is the first computer worm?

The Morris Worm was one of the first.

What is a worm in computer viruses?

A worm is a program designed to replicate.

What was the Internet worm?

internet worm is a type of virus that people use to attack or harm your computer. it will hurt your computer badly to a extent that u will have to buy a new hard drive for your computer. internet worm is not literally a living worm but a virus that slowly go into your computer and make your progame and file dead.

What is w32 Computer worms?

W32 Computer worm spreads via local networks and removable storage media. The worm components vary in small size. W32 Computer worm is packed using UPX. In order to ensure that the W32 Computer worm is launched next time the system is started, it creates a system service which launches the W32 Computer worm executable file each time Windows is booted.

What can a worm do?

destroy a laptop/computer

How many computer worm are there?


What can open a backdoor on a computer and is able to spread with human interaction?

Worm A worm can not open, it only has payload. The answer is Trojan. the right answer is worm a Trojan cannot open a back door on a computer

What happens if a computer gets controlled by a computer worm?

If that happens your computer gets controlled you might lose data and your computer could get shut down for good it also depends on what type of computer worm you got.

What worm starts with the letter m?

Morris is the name of a computer worm that can steal your passwords.

Full form of WORM?

can u please tell me the full form of 'WORM' in computer.? THE ANSWER OF WORM IS WRITE ONCE READ MANY.

What distinguishes a computer worm from a computer virus?

The key difference between a computer virus and a computer worm is that a virus cannot be spread without human action, such as you running an infected file, wheras a worm can copy itself on your system and automatically send itself without you having to run a file.

What is a destructive program which spreads from computer to computer?

A worm; a type of computer virus that is self-cloning.

What is a harmful computer file that goes through a computer and possibly a network?


How does a computer worm damage a computer?

It never damages the computer - it distorts or erases the programs that are running on it or are stored on it.

How do you prevent a computer worm?

Bury it :d your not funny.

Whats the worst computer virus?

The storm worm

What is a WORM known as in computer?

A worm is a computer malware program that replicates itself in order to spread to other computers. This spreading happens most likely where computers are networked.

What are the species of computer viruses?

The types of computer viruses are the virus, the worm and the Trojan horse.

What are the differences between a computer virus and a computer worm?

A worm is just another type of virus. Viruses in general can do lots of different things. Worms however, are designed to spread across a computer network by exploiting security vulnerabilities in the network.A computer virus can only be activated by running the program in which it is located, however, the computer worm will run without a program open. Therefore, a worm is worse than a virus.Although both are malware, a computer worm is self-replicating, while a virus is not. Worms also do not need to be encrypted to a file to be spread over networks.

Full form of WORM in computer?

Write Once Read Many.. other infecting WORM ==> I don't Know..

How do you remove worms from computer?

Because worm is a kind of danger malware, it is recommended to deal with it with professional worm removal tool.

How do you remove worm vb12af?

You can scan your computer with a specialized malware removal tool, which can easily remove worm virus in minutes.

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