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"Ya tu sabes" means "you already know" and is often used in mostly spanish songs which means as much as "ya'll know how I do" in this context.

Actually, "ya tu sabes" is getto-latino-slang meaning "now you know". A lot of Puerto Ricans, Dominicans and Cubans use this phrase.

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How do you say It's so true in Spanish?

ya tu sabes

What four factors make up the GDP?

Ya tu sabes..!

What is the largest land form in Mexico?

Mesican Plateau baby. Ya tu Sabes!

What does Volvere manana- ya tu sabes a donde?

I will come back tomorrow - you already know where to.

What is the meaning of the song Janie Mama?

Janie Mama...Ya tu suzikaI ya turnminaYa tu yavanaHey yavanaTurnmina suzikaIt is a Jamaican song, an island called Santiago and colonised by Spain till 1655, when the British took it. The most convincing answers I've found are these:ya tu sabes in Spanish means "Ya know," "You already know," "You know what I mean," or similar.Turnmina, Suzika and Yavana are all girls' names. Ya tu..., I ya... and Hey... are all "Hi there! I see you!.." types of greetings. So basically, the song is greeting these girls, and Janie Mama as well. The origin is Spanish.

What is have you eaten your breakfast already in spanish?

'¿Ya desayunaste?' o '¿Ya tomaste tu desayuno?'

What does tu ya desayunaste mean?

According to Google Translator 'Tu Ya Desayunaste' translates to 'You have already eaten breakfast'.

Your heart has been healed in spanish?


What is ya sabes como soy in English?

You already know how I am.

What is 'are you back from your trip' in Spanish?

¿Ya regresaste de tu viaje?

What does ya tu sabe mean in English?

you already know !!

What does Sabes te amo tanto que you da miedo volver a verte mean?

Sabes= you know? te amo tanto = I love you so much que ya da miedo = it is scary :p

What does ya no mean in spanish?

No more.

What does She is mean in Spanish?

elle (ay-ya)

What does ya tu sbaes mean in English?

"Ya tu sabe" means "You already know" this might be said if someone was in agreement with you, Or someone might say it after proving their point. etc.

What does ya tu bas a dormir mean in English?

Are you going to sleep already? It should be: Ya tú vas a dormir.

What does yayo mean in spanish?

'yayo' -? 'ya' = now, already 'yo' = I Could you mean 'ya yo'

How do you ask did you had your lunch in Spanish?

hmmm this is a tricky one... it could be " ya tomaste tu lonche?" even that "tomar" means drink, but that is the way we say it in Mexico .. or it could be " ya comiste tu lonche?" or "comiste?" Hope it helps In Spain, they'd say 'tu almuerzo' rather than 'tu lonche'

How do you say your family is on there way in spanish?

Su (usted) / tu / vuestra familia ya viene en camino.

How do you say now you dont know what i am saying?

Ya no sabes lo que digo.

Porqu el pacto de ostende se firmo alli?

Yo tampoco lo se por favor si tu ya lo sabes mandame un mensaje Es importante!! Porfa!!!

What does deseas tu una limonada mean in English?

It means, "Ya wanna lemonade?"

What does ya llego tu club de fans mean?

Your club of fans has arrived

What does 'ya' mean in Colombian Spanish?

The best translation for "ya" in English is "yet" in its more archaic usage. "Ya" can translate to a number of English prepositions (or other expressions) like in the following examples."Ya no he llegado." = "I have not arrived yet.""Mi amigo ya comió la ensalada." = "My friend already ate the salad.""Ya sabes lo que te sigo diciendo." = Now, you know what I keep saying to you.""Anda ya!" = "Move it!" & "Venga ya" = "Come on!""Perdemos tiempo ya." = "We're still losing time.""Ya vendrá." = "He will definitely come."

What does this mean in spanish ya aprenderemos?

we will learn eventually

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