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I want to see a movie

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Q: What does yo quiero ver un pelicula mean?
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What does a worm mean in french?

un ver (masc.)

What does Quiero un bebé mean?

I want a baby...

What is Quiero un coche mean?

It means "I want a car".

What does yo no quiero amigos yo quiero un squirel mean in English?

yo no quiero amigos= I don't want friends y= and yo quiero un squirel= I want a squirrel (It should be noted that the word for "squirrel" in Spanish is "ardilla," not "squirel.")

What does te quiero como un corazon mean?

I love you like a heart

What does y yo te quiero un monton mean?

I want you a lot.

What does Tengo un secreto que quiero ensenarte mean?

"I have a secret that I want to show you."

How do say I want a hug and kiss in Spanish?

Quiero darte un beso apasionado = I want to give you a passionate kiss

What does I want to have a pet fish mean in spanish?

Quiero (tener) un pescadito de mascota.

What does Quiero un poco de su tiempo mean?

It means, "I want a little of your time."

No quiero escuchat you te quiero escleahar un te amoo?

No quiero escucharte = I don't want to listen to you Yo te quiero = I want/love/like escleahar (?) un = a te amo = I love you.

What does te quiero un beso mean?

"Te quiero un beso" translates to "I want to give you a kiss" in English. It is a sweet and affectionate way to express one's desire to kiss someone.