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What does your weight have to be if your ten years old?


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I'm 10 year olds and im 75 pounds. thats a little small. 80-95 pounds is the normal for girls. 80-100 pounds for boys

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if youre 10 years old , it is yet to worry about your weight.

i am ten years ? I think you mean'i'm ten years old'? i'm ten years old=我十岁。

That is a perfectly normal weight for a ten year old!

they shold weight 72 ,73, 100 105 for a ten year old

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35 kgs is d most common weight for a ten year old

The average weight for a girl at ten years of average height is 21 -- 58 Kilogrammes.

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A normal weight for a 10 year old should be about 85 or 90 pounds/lbs. I am 10 years old and I weight 91 pounds/lbs. is t okay if im 100 pounds and am ten

The average weight of a ten year old boy is 70.5 lbs. The actual weight will depend on diet, metabolism and level of activity.

its hard but at least you can stop eating chocolat and stuff and walk to school if its near.........

don't worry about your weight! you're ten

A ten year old is ten years old.

There is no specific maximum weight for a ten-year-old. Basically, you can look at yourself and decide the weight. You can ask your doctor about average weights for children of that age.

I Am ten four foot seven and I weight 65 pounds

the right answer is 95 to 105 pounds is a right for a ten year old girl

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Yes It's Good Weight I'm 10 Years Old And I Weigh 64 And 85 and down are healthy for ten years old kids! ingore people if they called you fat I Know your pretty and skinny and awesome!

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