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1.81" (46 mm) shocks, off-road jounce bumpers, 34mm front stabilizer bar, high capacity air cleaner, heavy-duty automatic locking rear differential, Skid Plate Package

Skid Plate Package includes: frame-mounted shields, front underbody shield starting behind front bumper and running to first cross-member, protecting front underbody, oil pan, differential case and transfer case

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WhaT IS Z71?

It is an off road package for GM trucks

What is z71 package?

what is included in the z71 package

Can you get a 2007 Z71 Avalanche in 2WD?

Nope. Z71 vehicles are generally 4x4, not 2x4. Starting in 2007, GM started offering the Z71 package on 2wd Avalanche trucks. The badging will only say Z71 instead of Z71 4x4

Does the gm z71 offroad package include heavier shocks?

I used to work for a Chevrolet dealer and yes the Z71 option package included heavier duty shocks than the standard suspension option.

What is a Chevrolet Z71?

It is a 4x4 which is a 4 wheel drive. answer Z71 is the GM code for the offroad option package. it includes, among other things, upgraded shocks, skidplates, and some badging.

What is a Chevy Z71?

Z71 is an off road performace package.

What is mean z71?

Z71 is the offroad package for Chevrolet 4x4s

Does that mean the Z71 package is 4 wheel drive?

z71 are shift on the fly

What year did Chevrolet make the first z71?

The Z71 package was introduced by Chevy in 1992. ChaCha!

Do z71 Chevy pickup trucks ride as smooth as the ones without the z71 package?

The Z71 package is an off road suspension vehicle , it ride's stiffer than 2WD models, but it is still a good ride.

What is theadvantage of a Z71 engine?

nothing its a suspension package

What is the difference between a z71 pickup and a 4 wheel drive truck?

z71 is the GM code for the upgraded offroad package. it included, among other things, bilstein shocks, skidplates, and some exterior trim. The Z71 also have locking rear diffs.. I believe they pretty much all have 3.73 rear axle ratios.

What is a Chevy z71 stand for?

Z71 is what GM calls their off road off road package. It changes from year to year. It includes heavy duty shocks, and suspension parts. If may include fender flares, tow hook, and skid plate. Depends on the year.

Are all Chevy Z71 pickup trucks 4 wheel drive?

One answerer's view:No, the truck has to say z71 off road or z71 4x4 for it to actually be four wheel drive now the z71's that just say z71 on the side of the truck are not four wheel drive they have skid plates and other off road features but they are not for wheel drive!!!Another answerer's view:No, however vehicles produced with the Z71 package come standard with 4 wheel drive; two wheel drive as an option (rare). The Z71 package provides for higher ground clearance, skid plates & stiffer suspension for a better overall ride over rough terrain."Z71" is a GM "RPO" code which stands for "Regular Production Option" code. "Z71" is the RPO code for a special off-road package on select GM/Chevrolet trucks & SUVs. Features include four wheel drive and optional 2 Wheel Drive, all-terrain tires, an automatically locking rear differential, color-coded bumpers, a skid plate, special aluminum alloy wheels, and distinctive "Z71" badges applied as decals onto the rear quarter panel of vehicles with the Z71 package.These badges are not necessarily how one differentiates a 2WD from a 4WD as they can be custom ordered to include or exclude the words "off road" or "4x4" from the Z71 badge, either OEM or aftermarket.Clarification:The off-road package for the 2wd Chevy's are "Z66"

What advantages does the Z71 have over others?

Z71 is an option package offered through GMC dealers. The Z71 package is an off road add-on with 4x4 drivetrain and a better shock system to handle the bumps and dips of off road terrain.

What is difference in a 4 wheel drive truck and a z71 truck?

Z71 is an options package with skid plates and different shocks.

What does the Z71 stand for on silverado truck?

Z71 is an options package which included skid plates on the underside of the vehicle, and I believe it had different shocks, as well.

What is the difference between the 07 Chevrolet silverado z71 and ltz?

Z71 is an off road package. Z71 has beefier suspension, skid plate, ect. The Ltz is more of an interior/luxury package. Contains leather interior, wood inserts on dash, and pretty much every option.

What is the difference between a Z71 and a regular 4x4 Chevy truck?

Z71 is the Chevy "off road" package. The standard 4x4 doesnt come with as many options. agree with the first answer as Z71 is the GM code for "off road package." it basically includes bilstein shocks and skid plates, along with some trim features. The 4x4 Chevy is just what it says, only a 4WD. The Z71 on the other hand is a 4WD but it also comes factory with skid plates, improved bilstein shocks, different gearing in the differentials (smaller gears, and a locker), it has upgraded cabin air filters, and most Z71 models from 1997 and newer come with push button 4WD "on the fly".

What is the difference in the Chevy Silverado z71 and the Chevy Silverado without the z71 with a 4 wheel drive?

Z71 is the "off-road" suspension package. It adds jounce bumpers, larger shocks, and skid plates.

Did GM make any 2000 Z71 Tahoes without daytime running lights?


What does the lariat plus package consist of?

The package consist of garage opener, rear back up camera and sensors, and remote start.

Did Chevy make a 2 wheel drive z71?

im pretty sure z71 is an off-road package therefore makin it 4 wheel drive

Are all Z71 gmc pickups 4X4?

Z71 means "off road" package, as far as I know they are all 4x4's - thus the "off road" designation

What vehicle offers available GM segment exclusive Eaton automatic locking rear differential?

The GMC Canyon for sure does. ON the Canyon, it either comes as an option add on, or standard with the Z71 Off-road package. The Sierra is the same I believe