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In Spanish, "la zapateria" means "the shoe store" in English.

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Un zapato is 'shoe.'

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the shoe

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White shoes

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Q: What does zapato mean in Spanish?
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English translation for zapato?

"zapato" is the Spanish word for "shoe."

What is the word zapato?

Zapato is the Spanish word for a shoe, with the plural of zapatos meaning shoes.

What does zapato mean?


What does el zapato mean in English?

"the shoe."

Spanish word that starts with z?

Zapato (shoe), zanahoria (carrot), zorro (fox).

What is the English word for zapato?

zapato = shoe

How do you make El zapato es morado in spanish plural?

"Los zapatos estan morados"

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What country does the word zapato come from?

The country that the word zapato comes from is Spain. This word translates into English as shoe.

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