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"Sehr selten" means "very rare"

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"Sehr selten" in English translates to "very rare."

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Q: What doessehr selten mean in english?
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How do you say uncial in German?

English: unical = rare means selten in German.

What is Reinhard Selten's birthday?

Reinhard Selten was born on October 5, 1930.

When was Reinhard Selten born?

Reinhard Selten was born on October 5, 1930.

What is the birth name of Morton Selten?

Morton Selten's birth name is Stubbs, Morton Richard.

When was Morton Selten born?

Morton Selten was born on January 6, 1860, in Marlborough, England, UK.

When did Morton Selten die?

Morton Selten died on July 27, 1939, in London, England, UK.

How old is Reinhard Selten?

German economist Reinhard Selten was 85 years old when he died on August 23, 2016 (birthdate: October 5, 1930).

What Nobel Prize did Reinhard Selten win and when was it awarded?

Emil Adolf von Behring won The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1901.

What is German slang for extremely?

Extremely translates as extrem and is used in exactly the same manner.That's extremely rare. - Das ist extrem selten.Expressions that could be used in spoken German instead of extrem in this sentence:Das ist verdammt selten. (damned)Das ist übelst selten. (most severely)Das ist echt selten. (truly)These are not actual equivalents but they can used in the same place for a similar effect in such a context.

What has the author Mischa Lentz written?

Mischa Lentz has written: 'Ein Umzug kommt selten allein' 'Isabel'

What actors and actresses appeared in Ein Engel bleibt selten allein - 2001?

The cast of Ein Engel bleibt selten allein - 2001 includes: Thomas Darchinger as Renner (Praktikant) Keith leFever as Mr. Jones Romana Pollak as Frau Reimers Stefan Reck as Dr. Schmidt

Why did Reinhard Selten win The Prize in Economic Sciences in 1994?

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 1994 was awarded jointly to John C. Harsanyi, John F. Nash Jr. and Reinhard Selten for their pioneering analysis of equilibria in the theory of non-cooperative games.