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Parvo, is a deadly and dangerous stomach virus that usually attacks puppies more so than older or vaccinated dogs, the virus produces a foul smelling bloody diareha and vomiting .The infected puppy/dog usually die with in 48-72 due to dehydration. 80-85 percent of parvo infected puppies survive if caught in time. Parvo is not airbourne transmitted its enviromental due to contamination of feces and body fluids.Humans cannot contract parvo from dogs its just very contagious to other dogs and puppies. even with vaccinations there is a good chance your pet can contract Parvo but its less severe in most cases. Home care can be used but it takes dedication and lots of patiences to care for your pet if you cannot afford to hospitialize at the vets office, Pediolite with a syringe or teaspoon every 15 min ( same used for kids) liquid immodium ad every 4 hours and peptobismal every 4-6 hours to help relieve stomach cramps and use bleach and water to clean up any vomit and feces. Parvaid has become wildly used anti parvo meds and has seen success in treating parvo infected pets but still no guarentee of survival.

Rottweillers, Dobermans, Labs, Beagals or dogs that are tan and black are more likely to contract Parvo then other breeds but still other breeds can contract parvo.

To disenfect your house, use a solution 1:3 ration of water and Clorox bleach and bleach every thing or throw away items the infected puppy/dog was in contact with.Even with bleaching your house it will still be contaimanated and its best to wait 5-6 months to bring an unvaccinated puppy in the house that is under 6 months old.

Disenfect your yard there is no guarentee to bleaching and even liming the yard. Lime is great to add after the bleach, best thing is to have a backhoe /bulldozer remove 4-6 inches of top soil then bleach and lime thisarea to help remove the waste products that soked in the ground.

It's best not to introduce a new puppy or unvaccinated dog to the yard for 6months to a year. Parvo has been know to last up to 7 years in soil.

( this is based on my personal experience)

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Q: What dog breeds get infected with parvo more?
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Related questions

Can humans give dogs parvo?

Yes. Humans can transmit parvo if they have come in contact with it. Dog parvo doesn't make people sick, but if your dog has parvo, and you touch another dog who is not vaccinated, that dog will also have parvo. Parvo can survive on surfaces for 12 months and only bleach will kill it. If you carried your dog with parvo, then the clothes you were wearing also carries parvo unless you bleach them. If your dog vomits on your carpet, that spot is infected with parvo for 12 months, unless you bleach that area. Even the part of the yard where it uses the bathroom will be infected with parvo for a year.

Will getting your dog Parvo vaccinations always prevent Parvo?

Getting your dog the parvo vaccine is not 100 percent protection. Certain breeds are more vonerable to contracting Parvo. Bulldogs, pitbulls, boxers and dobermans are prone to this disease and if they have come into contact with it they could easily get it.

Can a male who had parvo pass parvo sexually?

Parvo is highly contagious. So if the infected dog was near a dog that wasn't vaccinated against parvo, it is possible to infect the healthy dog whether it was sexual contact or not.

Can you give a puppy parvo if you touched a dog with parvo with your shirt?

Technically you can, but it would be unlikely. A high dose of parvo would come from being in contact with infected feces. Also, if you feel that your dog may be in danger of parvo and you can't afford the vet bills there is a company that will help diagnose your dog for free look up they were very helpful for me.

You purchased a beautiful 7 week old Staffy Heeler at 5.30pm Saturday and she became ill at 2.30am Tuesday she was diagnosed with parvo 10am TuesdayCould she have been infected with parvo when you got?

Yes, in this instance the dog was most likely already infected with the parvo virus before you even got her.

Are there more dog breeds or cat breeds?

There are more dog breeds.

How could a puppy get parvo?

Infected mothers milk, vets office floor, pet store, exposure to another infected dog, exposure to infected feces (most likely).

Parvo is a common disease in dogs caused by a virus in the air?

No. Parvo virus is transmitted from dog to dog via feces of an infected dog. Either directly (nosing feces) or indirectly (dirty hands if owner cleans up). 91% fatally rate without vaccine.

Parvo is a common disease in dogs caused by virus in the air?

No. Parvo virus is transmitted from dog to dog via feces of an infected dog. Either directly (nosing feces) or indirectly (dirty hands if owner cleans up). 91% fatally rate without vaccine.

Can dogs get parvo from cats?

Parvo is highly contagious. My dog just recently passed from parvo, and the parvo will remain a danger in our yard for 6 months to a year. If i walk around my yard then go to a frind's house who has a puppy and that puppy smells the floor I walked on with my parvo infected shoes, that puppy is in danger of contracting parvo.

Does parvo vaccine make dog contagious?

No, vaccination with the parvo vaccine does not cause parvo virus and does not make a dog contagious.

What shots does your dog need?

Rabies,distemper, parvo,and more.

When can a dog with parvo play with other dogs?

When The dog completely get rid of Parvo virus

What antibiotics can you give a dog with parvo?

My dog had parvo and we learned to give the dog have a pill of Tylenol and pepto bismal

If an infected dog with parvovirus comes in contact with another dog how long until symptoms appear?

It varies, but if you suspect contact with Parvo you need to get your dog to the vet ASAP because treatment needs to start immediately.

Will Tamiflu hurt a dog?

No, Tamiflu is for treating Parvo in dogs - if the dog does not have Parvo, it does not need Tamiflu.

Should a female dog be spayed if she had the parvo virus?

You should ask your vet to remove the Parvo Virus then yes, you should spay your dog it will make her live longer,happier, and more active!

Can parvo vaccine give your dog parvo?

No, but sometimes dogs can still get parvo even if they've been vaccinated. If your dog has contract parvo and was vaccinated against it, contact the vaccine company. In most cases, they will pay for treatment of your dog because their product did not work.

What to do when a dog has parvo?

Parvo is a very serious illness and if your dog has that he/she should be taken to the vet as quickly as possible.

Why is your puppy drooling and lost his appetite?

Drooling is natural in some breeds but if the drool seems unnatural (more like foam) and the dog isn't eating, it should be checked by a veterinarian asap for possible early signs of poisoning or Parvo.

How do you save your dog from parvo?

You save your dog from Parvo by vaccinating your dog against Parvo plus all the other nasty diseases & viruses out there. Should start the vaccines (DHLP/Parvo) as a pup around 6-8 weeks of age and continue on for 2 more vaccinations about 2 -3 weeks apart and then a booster at a year old. Take your dog in for a complete exam as a pup and let your Veterinarian guide you through all that is needed to have a healthy happy dog.

Can any dog breeds mix?

Many dog breeds can mix. For example, the dachshund and the pit bull are mixed breeds of dogs, but there are many more.

Can pitbulls catch parvo?

Any dog can get parvo. To prevent it, go to the vet and get the shots are dog normally needs.

Can you get parvo from your dog?


Can your dog get parvo by playing with a dog with parvo?

Yes, as well as laying in spaces where previous fecal matter has been. Usually the space becomes contaminated. Older dogs can be carriers of the parvovirus, though they might never show signs because they are immune. Parvo usually only infects puppies. Once your dog has had parvo, it can never get parvo again.