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What dog is the cheapest?

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There is no cheapest small dog. Dogs are usually priced on their characteristics, breed, and colour variation. They can also be priced accordingly for what they could make, like a very active one being priced higher than his lazy brother for example. The cheapest dogs are usually ones from rescue centres, all you need to pay is a small donation, but the dogs are more picky and generally harder to train.

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What type of dog is cheapest?

Hot dog

what is the cheapest dog food?

Good day you can send me a mail on twkondo@ g mail. com

What is the cheapest dog in the Philippines?


What is the cheapest pet dog?


What is the cheapest and smallest dog?


Which is the cheapest dog in India?

Dogs are not cheap u can go o shelter n u can adopt a dog n i think cheapest dog is labrador which isrs 5000

Where is the cheapest place to buy a dog?


Where is the cheapest place to get a dog neutered?

The cheapest place is a humane society also an animal shelter!

What is the cheapest small dog breed?

Probably a dachund

Where is the best place to get the cheapest puppy in Texas?

The dog pound.

What is the cheapest price of adopting a dog in Vancouver?

$1 CDN

Where can you find the cheapest patio dog door insert?

Probably online.

Whats the Cheapest breed of small dog to buy?

probably a dauchsund

What us the cheapest but best dog food with no corn or soy?

The best and cheapest dog food's with no corn or soy are Wellness Core Grain Free Dog Food, Taste of The Wild Hi-Canine Formula and Instinct Grain-Free Dry Dog Food.

What is the cheapest price on a Yorkshire?

pudding or dog, in UK £125 is quite low

What is the cheapest breed of dog?

It depends on who you buy it from. Common dog breeds and some toy breeds are usually the cheapest f.e chihuahua, pomeranians, labrador retrievers, etc. Rare breeds and colorings would be the most expensive.

Cheapest dog health insurance in LA?

The cheapest dog health insurance I could find was about 80 dollars a month from Pet Smart in Los Angeles. It would only be worth it if you have a pet with some serious problems.

Where is the cheapest store for pet grooming for a dog to have a bath?

The cheapest pet grooming store that offers bath services is Ren's Pets Depot in Canada.

What us the cheapest but best dig food?

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How much does the cheepest dog cost?

The cheapest breed of dogs are retrievers. they cost about 800.

Which companies offer the cheapest dog insurance?

There are plenty of companies which are offering different prices for dog insurance. However, one might find the dog insurance around 40 dollars from Exotic Direct, one of the cheapest dog insurance.

What is the cheapest pet store to buy a dog?

Dude you can get dogs for free if u check on Guntree

What is the cheapest dog to buy?

Personally, you should think about what you want in a dog, does it fit your lifestyle. Not "Is it cheap". It is a living, breathing animal. you cant put it on a shelf and forget about it!

What is the ceapest tea cup dog?

Tea cup chihuahuas are the cheapest because of being so puny!

What brand of dog food would be the cheapest but healthiest for my dog?

There are a number of cheaper dog food brands that are still high-quality; however, two of the best brands that are also inexpensive are Purina and Supercoat.

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