Grizzly Bears

What dog is used to hunt and kill grizzly bears?


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They use multiple hounds to kill a grizzly bear.

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Older male grizzlies will eat cubs, to reduce territorial competition. Native Americans used to occasionally hunt them. Some humans still 'trophy hunt' the grizzly bear. Sometimes gray wolves, black bears, or cougars will compete for food, but these animals do not prey upon grizzly bears.

There used to be 80 different forms of brown bears, grizzly Bears are one form of them.

probably black brown bears and grizzly bears

There would be no more grizzly bears which may tamper with the ecosystem because now there will be an over population of fish and other things they bears used to eat.

Records have said that there used to be grizzly bears in yosemite a long time ago, until they were extincted and hunted out in the 1870s by western pioneers looking for gold.

They used to. But they were all wiped out when settlers came.

guns are used to kill polar bears and so are Emily mason

The neapolitan mastiff and cane corso are two large mastiffs used to hunt brown bears.

They are used to eat and kill

huskys were used to pull sleds malamutes were used to hunt bears.....

because they have fur which is valuable in the trade, used for many different purposes . it is rare and is used to show your wealth

Doubtful, you would need at least 3 akitas to take down a black bear. You would need to be ready with a large knife to cut the bears throat unless you want your dogs to be injured. In ancient Japan they were used to hunt bear but the bears in Japan are smaller than black bears.

No, this is not done. Brown bears are wild animals and can not be used as a beast of burdon. They should be left to the wild where we can adore them from afar.

To kill people, or to be traded or used as a intimidation tool. Or of course to hunt.

No such breed of dog exists. There local dogs in India that are used to hunt and track tigers, but not kill them.

the cheyenne used spiers and knives to hunt and kill the animals that they hunted.

yes they used them to hunt and kill prey from a distance.

Actually a lot of different breeds are used but the most common is various breeds of Hounds, such as the Black & Tan Hound.

There are 8 species currently accepted as bears: North America has American black bears, polar bears, and brown/grizzly bears (which are also in Europe and Asia). South America has only spectacled bears. Asia has sun bears, Eurasian black bears (locally called moon bears), sloth bears, and panda bears. In the past, there has been debate over whether pandas were bears or should be split out, but currently they are considered bears. Brown bears used to live in the Atlas mountains of northern Africa centuries ago, but in modern times no bears live in Africa. Australia has koala bears, but they are marsupials, not true bears.

Grizzled (like grizzly bears) is a hair coat frosted with white. The undercoat can be any color. Grizzled is often used to denote a person turning grey.

Actually, it's a "race" and it's the other way around. Grizzlies are a "race" of Brown bear. So All Grizzlies are Brown Bears but not all Brown Bears are Grizzlies. It is actually a race, not a subspecies. {actually, race is the same as subspecies. Generally, race is used more commonly for birds, subspecies for mammals.}

They used their penis to hunt animals for food and cloth to cover the penis itself. They also ate cheeses and crackers and rested by the river watching bears hunt with theirpenis.

Definately. It's part of a cat's nature to hunt and kill small animals, even if you feel a cat is 'used' to a hamster, it will likely try to kill it if it gets a chance.

People used to hunt elephants so that they could get their tusks. Ivory was used to make beautiful jewelry and statues.

An elephant gun is simply a hunting rifle powerful enough to be used to hunt and kill elephants.

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