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It depend what kind they are. For an Example : the alasian has pointy ears, with black and orange spots.

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Why does a dog look like a dog?

Dogs look like dogs because they ARE dogs.

What do dogs look like when they have puppies?

They look like normal dogs but fat at the belly.

What does white look like to dogs?

it look just white to dogs but, it looks like purple to cats.:)

What does dingo look like?

Dingoes look like dogs.

What do Queen Elizabeth's dogs look like?

These are her dogs

What does a dog bone look like?

are German the strongest dogs or not can you answer my Qiuston or not and what do all of the dogs look like in the world.

What does petsmarts dogs look like?

there isn't a certain look, these dogs are mostly rescued or from a shelter

How does pomeraninan dogs look?

like this!

What do prairie dogs look like?

Go to google images and type in prairie dogs, then you can see a picture of them.Prairie dogs look like a ground squirrel.Gophers.

What does a dogs shelter look like?

A dog shelter is a place where homeless dogs are located and how does it look like?It is a lot of cages and most likely filled with alot of dogs!!!

What do fleas look like on dogs?

Fleas look like black dots.

What does a puppy look like?

They look exactly like dogs, only smaller.

What do Dholes look like?

dholes are wild they will look like dogs.

How do you dogs look like?

like yo momma

Why do dogs look like wolves?

Dogs are a subspecies of the Gray Wolf.

What does a worm look like in a dogs womb?

because their afraid of dogs

What did dogs look like in the dinosaur age?

there was no dogs in the dinosaur times

What do flatworms in dogs look like?

What does flatworms do to dogs. whats there sympthons

What does a dogs tail look like?

look at a dog and find out.

What do the teeth of prairie dogs look like?

Prairie Dogs teeth are strong. They have two buck teeth in the front and they look like squirrels.

What do bats mouth look like?

Most look like a small dogs mouth.

What does worms in a dog look like?

Worms in dogs have a rice-like similarity. They also can look like cooked spaghetti, as well, ad most are not harmful for dogs.

How did the first dogs look like?

They looked like they were today

What does a piit bull and labrador look like?

Like dogs.

What do people look like as dogs?

they look the same, except they are in black and white. Dogs see in black and white