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Q: What dose this piece of dialogue reveal about zaroffs character?
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Declamation piece on environment?

A declamation piece on the environment must be written as a dramatic dialogue. Environmental problems and solutions can be added to the piece.

What does external dialog mean?

All dialogue that is NOT directed toward the the reader by the narrator or that the narrator is telling himself or herself. All dialogue being exchanged between two people or things within the piece of literature.

How do you show emphasis in character dialogue in a screenplay?

Emphasis in dialog is best left to the director and the actor. However, if you choose to emphasize a piece of dialog early on in the film script as a clue, or as a character tag, or as a red herring, or in a V.O. or O.S. line, type the word in caps. Use only one or two of these in an entire script, otherwise your script could be considered 'amateurish'. .

Which is one piece of information that fossils in samples from Earth’s crust reveal about Earth’s history?

changes in climate

How does the use of dialogue affect the pacing of a story?

It allows events to unfold in real time.

What is an aversio?

An aversio is an alternative name for a rhetorical apostrophe - an exclamatory piece of dialogue addressed to someone or something, especially someone who happens to be absent.

What does this piece of data reveal about the comparison of these two planets?

that mecury is closer to the sun explaining the shorter orbiting time

What episode in luffi vs creek one piece?

There has never been a character in One Piece called 'Creek'.

What is interior monolog?

A piece of writing expressing a character's inner thoughts.

Who were to be the main character one piece?

The #1 Main Character is Luffy. Other important characters are:ZoroSanjiNamiUsoppRobinChopperFrankyBrookShanksAceSaboWhitebeardBlackbeardGol D. Rogeretc.

How can you make your character?

You can make your character by getting a piece of paper and colored pencils. Draw out any figure that would be a good character, it could be a spider or even a cat.

Who is luffy wife at the end of one piece?

One Piece has not ended yet. Luffy has shown no romantic interest in any character.